Farmhouse Front Door Styles

Top Farmhouse Front Door Styles

The farmhouse design style has gained traction in America in recent years for its cozy aesthetic and charming details. When you walk into farmhouse-style homes, you almost expect to see a pie cooling on the windowsill and be offered fresh lemonade.
Simply put, farmhouse-style homes embody the rustic details of Americana design. Harkening back to the days of the early settlers in America, Farmhouse style homes strive to encompass that feeling of ease, safety, and comfort in their design.


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Much like modern design, farmhouse-style homes are planned with functionality in mind. While the farmhouse style isn’t tied to a specific period in time, like the modern design era, it does lend more toward function than other popular design styles.

Farmhouse style may be on the rise, but it doesn’t lend itself to being a simple fad or trend that will soon be overlooked and outdated. Since farmhouse-style homes find their roots in the historic designs of early Americana design, the farmhouse style rises above trends as a mainstay in design style.
If you’re looking to embrace farmhouse-style design elements in your home, adding a farmhouse front door to your list of projects is an excellent place to start. Sometimes small spaces and details can create the most significant impact.

A farmhouse front door will set the tone for your functional yet comfortable and open farmhouse-style home. In addition, creating an inviting farmhouse front door area will add just the right amount of curb appeal to add significant value to your home.


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What Styles Are Considered Farmhouse Front Doors?


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The wonderful thing about farmhouse front doors is that there is a wellspring of variety to choose from. However, when considering incorporating a farmhouse front door into a design plan, it’s important to note there are several different factions of farmhouse design. Here, we will take a closer look at the nuances of each farmhouse style so that you can choose the right farmhouse front door for your home.


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Classic Farmhouse Style Front Doors


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Just as the name suggests, classic farmhouse front doors stick closer to the origins of the farmhouse style. Solid wood is the most popular choice for classic farmhouse-style front doors, pulling directly from the early classic style of the early American settlers.

Farm homes were constructed mainly with what was readily available, which in most cases was wood. These structures usually had paneled walls, wide planked floors, and exposed wooden beams.

Not only does this show the craftsmanship and care that went into the home’s construction, but it also brings a warm and aesthetically exciting element to the home’s design. Therefore, solid wood doors with barn door-style embellishments and reclaimed wood are a staple for the classic farmhouse front door style.


Modern Farmhouse Style Front Doors


Modern farmhouse-style homes take a much more relaxed approach to farmhouse design. Whereas classic farmhouse homes aim to stay true to the original materials and methods, modern farmhouse homes take cues from the past but incorporate modern features.

So, for example, when choosing a modern farmhouse front door, you are not limited to only wood options or barn door styles. Instead, modern farmhouse front doors take the classic principles but introduce modern lines and accents to bring new life to the traditional farmhouse style. This results in a less rustic look but ultimately creates a sophisticated pallet to work with when designing your farmhouse front door space.

In addition, popular design elements like steel and glass are married to the structure of the classic farmhouse style, resulting in a wonderfully bright entryway. With the ability to choose steel doors while staying true to the farmhouse style, you can make an investment in steel doors that will add considerable value and savings to your home.


Is a Farmhouse Front Door Right for Your Home?


A great way to know if a farmhouse front door is right for you is to know what architectural style your home was designed around. It may sound daunting, but it’s quite simple to uncover the architectural style of your house. Start by taking note of the materials used in the home’s construction, the year it was built, and the interior layout.

Each structure has a story, and if you pay close enough attention, your home will tell you the story of the architecture it represents. Once you understand more about the architectural style of your home, you can move forward with planning your farmhouse-style front door entrance.


Highlight Reclaimed Wood for Your Farmhouse Front Door


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Reclaimed wood is an integral material used in modern farmhouse front doors. This harkens back to the days of American settlers creating fixtures, doors, and even entire structures simply with the wood they could find. Using reclaimed wood as a material for your farmhouse front door is economically conscious.

By reusing resources already made available, you are contributing to the sustainability of materials. Reclaimed farmhouse front doors not only bring charm to your front entrance and add curb appeal to your home, it consciously reuses materials that otherwise could have gone to waste.


Add a Cheerful Pop of Color with Farmhouse Front Doors


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Farmhouse front doors aren’t just made from raw, unfinished materials. In modern farmhouse decor, many farmhouse front doors include glass panes in the wood and are painted in inviting and fun colors. Introducing color to your entryway is a great avenue to bring some cheerfulness to your farmhouse front door.

Traditionally, colors like blue, white, and yellow are popularly used for farmhouse front doors. These colors invoke the essence of the old Americana style and bring a calm and warm feeling to your entryway. Ranch-style homes look especially lovely when updated with a dash of color added to a farmhouse front door.


Austere Steel Farmhouse Doors Can Elevate Your Curb Appeal


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