Ballistic Glass

While we often think of design and function first when choosing doors and windows, safety is an essential component that can’t be overlooked. Having doors and windows that can protect people or property inside a structure is an integral part of choosing the right doors and windows for your project.

In commercial and residential applications, ballistic and forced entry glass can save lives and assets when added to custom doors and windows because it stops or slows the threat and allows time for help to arrive.

Technical Specifications

Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions offers glazings in a variety of thicknesses designed to counter a variety of threats from forced entry up to multiple shots from a .50 caliber weapon. Features include:

  • Glazes available starting at ⅜ inch
  • Options for both forced entry and ballistic threats
  • Higher ballistic threat level glazings are available for rifles and pistols
  • Low and no spall options available
  • Insulated glass options available for energy efficiency
  • Glazing for oversized glass available
  • From UL 752 Level 1 through UL 752 Level 10

Custom glass lamination available, including:

  • Tempered glass
  • Star-fire glass
  • Low E glass
  • LED embedded glass
  • Switchable privacy glass
  • Printed, full-color inner layers
  • And more!

Specialty products, including for schools and communication areas, are available.

Ballistic Glass Details

Ballistic and forced entry glass can be created to withstand various threats, from a basic break-in all the way up to multiple shots from a .50 caliber rifle. The amount of protection you need will depend on your structure and the types of threats you want to guard against. In most residential applications, for example, forced entry is what people want to prevent, whereas a police station or military base will likely need ballistic protection from larger weapons in some areas.

Ballistic glazes can be customized for each client’s custom doors and windows to deter whatever threat level is necessary for the protection of people and property in the structure, whether that’s your home and family, a workplace, government building, religious institution, or school.

Best of all, when you choose custom steel doors and windows from Portella, you don’t have to choose between beauty and function. You can have ballistic or forced entry glass added to any custom steel door or window and designed to fit any style. The results will be beautiful, luxurious doors and windows that are both functional and designed to keep both people and property safe from external threats.

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How to Order

All Portella products are custom-made to your exact specifications. Contact us today to be connected to your Project Manager, who will assist you in the process of seeing your custom steel doors and windows with ballistic glass come to life.

We’ll need overall sizes and details of what you’re looking for and your location to determine which product will work best in your climate.

About the Manufacturer

When choosing partners, Portella only works with the very best designers and manufacturers in the industry. Portella is proud to offer ballistic and forced entry glass options for our custom steel doors and windows from Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions, located right here in Texas.

Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions is located in Addison, Texas, and serves clients around the country. Used in storefronts, schools, government buildings, religious institutions, commercial buildings, homes, and other locations, Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions’ products are designed to protect people and assets you want to keep safe from external threats. Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions offers forced entry and ballistic glazings in a wide range of protection levels, designed to deter threats and allow time for help to arrive.

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