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Choosing which style to define your space can be challenging. With so many options available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Your front door is an area with a significant design impact on your home. However, many people overlook this space, which results in a missed opportunity to extend your design choices right to your doorstep. 

Modern front doors are an excellent choice to bring character and style to your home. Doors with a modern design can easily elevate your style from ordinary to extraordinary. Let’s examine the most notable modern front door styles so that you can make an informed decision on how you can add value to your home.


Modern Front Door


What Styles Are Considered Modern Front Doors?


Modern décor began in the early 1900s and gained footing in the 1950s and 1960s as the leading style choice for homes. Following up on the more ornate styles of the Victorian era, the modern style was one of simplicity. Modern door designs follow suit, touting clean lines and minimal embellishments. Defining characteristics of modern doors are mostly wood construction with a natural wood appearance, chrome or stainless-steel accents, and sometimes, even a vivid pop of color. There’s no doubt that, when done right, modern front doors can be the perfect punctuation mark for a perfectly-styled home.


simple modern door


An easy mistake when determining what style door is right for you is confusing contemporary styles with modern-era styles. While many assume that contemporary front doors and modern front doors are interchangeable, they are not. Modern architecture was explicitly designed in response to the minimalist movement inspired by the artwork of the 1960s. It follows that modern doors and architecture are tied to the 1950s and 1960s, while contemporary architecture has more freedom. Contemporary architecture can reflect some of the modern era’s highlights, but it simultaneously draws from current design concepts. Simply put, modern architecture is more stagnant in time, while contemporary architecture has more fluidity and freedom to draw from many eras.


Modern Steel Front Door


Is a Modern Front Door Right For Your Home?


With so many different architectural styles, it can be difficult to pinpoint which design eras are suitable for your home. A great way to know if modern front doors are right for you is to figure out the architectural style of your home.


mid-century home style


Modern-style homes lack opulent ornamentation and lean more toward a simplistic style. Clean lines paired with bold colors are the cornerstone of modern design. It’s worth noting that the modern architectural style was born when the world shifted from handmade craftsmanship toward machine-made industrialization. This resulted in very clean, open, and simple floor plans. 


open floor plan


Does your home have an open floor plan with clean and minimal lines? Then a modern-era front door may be just what you need. Now begins the search for the perfect modern front door.


All Wood Modern Front Doors


Perhaps the most classic and appealing modern front doors are all-wood options. This gives your entryway a classic, sleek vibe without too much fuss. Additionally, all wood doors are widely available, so it would be easier to source this option. Not all wooden doors are made equal, and it is important to invest in a solid wood door that won’t give way to wear and tear over time.


Wood Modern Front Door


If you decide to use an all-wooden modern front door but want to make it a little edgier, consider adding a pop of color to your wooden door. This is an easy and affordable way to give your doorway individualized character without sacrificing the clean look modern doors provide. A popular front door color, for instance, is red. It may not be widely known, but in early America, a red door indicated that people were welcome in that home. It was a signal of hospitality and warmth. This beautiful sentiment would be a lovely addition to any doorway, especially one using a wooden modern door.  


Modern Wood Red Front Door


Modern Front Doors with Glass Panes


If you’re looking for a more whimsical addition to your entryway, look no further than modern doors with glass panes. These doors provide just a little extra style and flair to your doorway. Your modern doors with glass panes are sure to be show-stoppers, as they are not only beautiful but bring a feeling of nostalgia and history to your space.  

There are several ways glass is used in modern doors. Some use rectangular cutouts in the wood to make almost a ladder effect on your doorway. Other quirky styles can include circular cut-outs surrounded by chrome or steel with a glass pane inside. These bold choices can add character to your doorway without breaking the bank. 


Modern Front Doors with Glass Panes


Modern Doors Are the Perfect Punctuation Mark For Your Design


Modern doors bring so much more to design culture than just function. They are full of wonderful nostalgic touches that will add character and whimsical elements to your entry with minimal effort. When it comes to updating the exterior of your home, a great place to start is with your front door. Whether you choose a solid wood option, one with glass panes, or even a door with chrome or steel finishes, you can’t go wrong with a modern-era doorway. Modern doors have stood the test of time, so incorporating them into your design is an innovative and simple way to ensure you’re always in style. What type of modern door do you think would be best for you? 


Modern front door


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