Pivot Door Solutions

Portella puts a significant focus on both design and quality when it comes to every component of their custom steel windows and doors. That includes every detail of each order, from the quality of steel used to make the door to the hardware used to install it.

Portella only partners with the very best designers and manufacturers in the industry when it comes to hardware. We are proud to offer pivot hardware options from FritsJurgens, whose products are the most cutting-edge and advanced hardware available for pivot hinges on the market.

Technical Specifications

FritsJurgens offers several different pivot hardware systems designed to work for different door sizes and weights. Features available include:

  • Self-closing pivot hinge
  • Damper Control (soft close and wall protection)
  • A variety of options for hold positions at -90˚, 0˚, 90˚, 180˚ and 270˚
  • Latch control
  • Damper control
  • 30° speed control
  • For double- and single-acting doors
  • For doors up to 1200 lbs
  • Works with any material
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Easy installation that doesn’t require structural elements in the floor or ceiling
  • Requires minimum door thickness of 40mm
  • Black and stainless steel finishes available

Pivot Hardware Details

A pivot hinge is a hinge system that allows a door to pivot from a single point at the top and bottom of a door. Pivot hinges can be used in both commercial and residential applications and offer a variety of benefits.

Other types of pivot hardware on the market require the installation of bulky recessed boxes in the floor and ceiling to secure the door and control it. However, the pivot hardware offered by Portella and created by FritsJurgens uses advanced technology and materials that require only minimal hardware to be embedded in the flooring. This makes installation for both new builds and retrofits much easier because tile and concrete don’t have to be removed to install the hardware.

Pivot hinge systems can be electrified for security and controlled access and can include features like self-closing, soft closes, and various hold positions, depending on the door size and system you choose. The hidden nature of the mechanisms creates a sleek, clean look that can’t be replicated by any other pivot hinge system on the market.

How to Order

All Portella products are custom-made to your exact specifications. Contact us today to be connected to your personal Project Manager who will assist you in the process of seeing your custom steel door with pivot hinges come to life. We’ll need overall sizes and details of what you’re looking for and your location to determine which product will work best in your climate.

About the Manufacturer

FritsJurgens was created in the 1930s by a craftsman who believed in the timeless beauty of hidden perfection. With that as their guiding principle, FritsJurgens has developed the best pivot hinge systems on the market with the goal of making the hardware completely hidden and totally maintenance-free. Backed by almost 100 years of engineering and technical experience, FritsJurgens award-winning pivot hinge systems are the perfect complement to Portella’s custom steel doors.

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