The Benefits of Choosing Custom Steel Doors Over Stock

There are so many types of doors you can choose from, but if you’re starting a project from scratch or have a chance to replace your doors, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice the first time to avoid having to reinstall later. 

If you’re already in the market for some new doors, take this opportunity to make those doors sustainable, custom and durable steel doors that will add personality, luxury and a modern feel to your home or business. 

Benefits of Custom Steel Doors

Stock Doors

If you choose a regular, typical stock door for your business or home, you’re running the risk of potential damage if strong winds or climate conditions occur. They are less energy efficient than steel doors, meaning your energy bill will be higher but also it’ll keep you from achieving those energy standard requirements. 

If you’re wanting to be more eco-friendly and cut down on your energy bill, you may want to reconsider those stock doors. 

 Benefits of Choosing Custom Steel Doors

Additionally, stock doors are just that- they’re pretty common. If you’re building a business and wanting to make it have a more modern and sleek look, you’ll want to consider steel doors. Regular stock doors just have the same aesthetic appeal. 

Not only look great to your clients or guests in your home, but if you’re wanting to make your space feel more open, you’ll want to consider steel doors instead.

Steel Doors

If you’re wondering how to spruce up your house or your business or are just in need of some new doors, you’ll want to know all your options for what kind of doors are available. We’ve mentioned how steel doors do have plenty of benefits, so let’s take a look at what they are in a bit more detail. 

There are many benefits of having premium steel doors:

Custom Steel Doors are better

  • Steel doors are exceptionally durable and have high endurance and come with a thermally-bonded zinc galvanizing corrosion resistant coating, which means your door will last a lifetime even in the most demanding climate conditions. 

Why Custom Steel Doors are better

  • Aside from how durable they are, they are highly customizable. Portella steel doors come in any size, shape and configuration to suit almost all applications or projects. They also come in custom paint options that just increase their customizability even further. 

benefits of having premium steel doors

  • They’re very aesthetically pleasing for any home, office or building. They complement modern, contemporary and classic residential and commercial properties while also maximizing the amount of space and natural lighting. And because they’re customizable, whatever design you want, steel doors can generally be made for any design you can think of. 

install new steel doors

  • They have slender lines and very minimal profiles that are crafted using strong steel frames that surpass industry standards and are personally crafted by our in-house master blacksmiths that have been doing this for three generations.

high-quality steel doors

  • Steel windows are also energy efficient, which is something that businesses and office buildings should look into in order to be up to certain energy saving standards. All of our Portella, thermally broken doors are NFRC-rated and surpass all energy efficiency requirements. 

Choosing Custom Steel Doors

There are even some doors that come with fire protective capabilities, so whatever your building requirements are, we can work with you to create the design you desire.

 benefits of customized steel doors

If you’re looking to install new doors or are just curious about your options or want to see what a customized steel door can offer for your home or office, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to show you what high-quality steel doors and windows can do for your building.  

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