St. Simons Steel Windows and Doors

With over 20 years as a leading manufacturer of the finest windows and doors on the market, Portella is proud to provide custom steel doors and windows in St. Simons, GA.

Available to both residential and commercial establishments, our steel windows and doors can be fully customized to fit any project, no matter the style. With our years of superior craftsmanship, our team of professionals can bring your dreams and designs to life with ease.

St. Simons, GA Luxury Product Lines

Classic – Many home and business owners seek the minimalist look of expansive glass and narrow sightlines and frames. Our range of metal frame windows and doors add a classic and elegant touch to any residential or commercial property in St. Simons, GA.

Thermally Broken – The innovative technology of thermally broken windows and doors excels at keeping energy costs low and minimizing heat and cool air loss through glass. As energy-efficient as it is, it also creates sophisticated and stunning windows and doors.

Storefront Exterior and Interior – Whatever your budget is for remodeling or building, implementing steel windows and doors in your storefront exterior or interior is a worthy investment. Create eye-catching and luxury designs with sleek modern steel to transform your commercial space completely.

All of our product lines can be customized with different types of hardware, including panic hardware for commercial properties, pivot hinges, and various types of door closers. In addition, our steel windows and doors can be painted in a variety of different colors to perfectly match your aesthetic.

We also provide steel windows and door solutions for saunas, showers, wine rooms, and other special projects and spaces.

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Residential and Commercial Steel Windows and Doors in St. Simons, GA

Working with Portella means having an industry-leading professional with you for every step of the process. You work side-by-side with a designated Project Manager from beginning to end to ensure we create the best possible solution for your project.

You’ll never be surprised by an unexpected fee or a design that doesn’t fit your aesthetic goals. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your steel doors and windows, so you can rest easy while your dream designs are brought to life.

Portella is known for its high-quality craftsmanship. Our steel windows and doors in St. Simons, GA are always created to the highest standards.

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Superior Steel Windows and Doors in St. Simons, GA

Portella is proud to bring our steel windows and doors and years of industry-leading expertise to St. Simons, GA. Our narrow sightlines and frames will blend seamlessly into any modern design for residential or commercial applications.

Standard glass windows and doors have run-of-the-mill insulated glass that doesn’t prevent thermal transfer. However, Portella’s thermally broken product line addresses the issue of thermal transfer by creating energy-efficient, heavy-duty steel windows and doors that are weatherproof, even in the harshest conditions.

Portella’s thermally broken steel doors and windows utilize Low-E glass glazings that have low emissivity that reflects heat instead of absorbing it. This advanced glazing increases energy savings and keeps temperatures regulated.

Unlike other steel windows and doors manufacturers, we don’t rely on outsourcing to Europe for our materials or products. Instead, Portella’s thermally broken product patent gives us the ability to create our own steel windows and doors and fully customize them for our clients.

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St. Simons Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors

Portella’s innovative thermally broken steel windows and doors in St. Simons, GA are crafted from recycled materials. These doors help reduce energy costs and keep temperatures regulated inside, no matter how warm or cold the temperatures outside may be. This makes them a worthy investment for residential and commercial properties.

Typical windows and doors lose significant heat or cool air through glass panels, depending on the weather outside. But unlike these traditional windows and doors, our thermally broken line has limited heat transfer.

Our thermally broken windows and doors also cut down noise pollution outside, which is a wonderful asset to businesses, offices, and homes that need quieter atmospheres.

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What Sets Our Steel Windows and Doors Apart in St. Simons, GA

Our steel windows and doors cut down on energy use while keeping your home at ideal temperatures all year long. These steel doors and windows are glazed and sealed fully to minimize air loss and glass condensation.

Portella’s line of finely crafted steel doors and windows in St. Simons, GA are always crafted with the highest quality materials, so they require little maintenance. Our doors are built to resist the corrosion found in typical steel doors and are incredibly durable. In addition, because our steel windows can be fully customized, they blend seamlessly with any aesthetic to suit your desires.

Portella’s steel doors and windows provide sophistication, beauty, and years of dependability to residential and commercial buildings across St. Simons, GA.

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