Beautiful & Luxurious Austin Steel Doors and Windows

Portella is proud to offer the finest quality custom steel doors and windows in Austin, TX. With more than 20 years of experience, we provide the most customizable steel-framed windows and doors for residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re looking to attain a modern, traditional, or classical design, we have the expertise and artistry to achieve your design objectives.

Portella Product Lines

  • Storefront Exterior and InteriorThese steel window and door designs are perfect for Austin businesses striving to beautify and transform their space. Our lineup meets the needs of large and small businesses, alike. You can choose from an array of sleek, luxurious steel glass door and window arrangements for commercial projects in Austin, even if you’re on a strict budget.
  • Thermally BrokenWe combine the latest thermal technology with stunning aesthetics in this line. It features the most energy-efficient Austin steel doors and windows.
  • ClassicAchieve a minimalist and timeless aesthetic with our classical range of metal frame doors. These steel window and door designs integrate large expanses of glass to achieve the appearance that many architects and modern homeowners seek.
  • Shower and Sauna – The luxurious details of your bathroom with Portella’s steel and glass doors. If you’re looking for glass sauna or shower doors with steel frames that are a step forward in style and quality, our line of custom doors will impress you.

Portella Announces The Contemporary 3-D Metal Door

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Superior Service For All Austin Residents & Businesses

When you work with Portella, you will communicate directly with a knowledgeable Portella Project Manager, who will handle the entirety of your project. Your Project Manager will work with you to develop custom designs.

At Portella, we’ve tailored our steel door and window services in Austin to meet your unique design goals. Our Project Managers always deliver clear and concise communication from the quotation to the shop drawing. That way, you’ll always be up to date on your Austin steel doors and windows project.

Our Solution to Austin Steel Window and Door Thermal Challenges

Steel door and window manufacturers often feature only insulated glass, failing to address the problem of thermal transfer to the metal frame. Portella’s Artisan Thermal Series, on the other hand, handles all areas of thermal transfer, providing energy-efficient steel doors and windows that will stand up to the hottest summer days in Austin, TX.

This state-of-the-art series features GRP (glass reinforced polyetherimide), a non-conducting material with steel. This design allows for increased durability of the doors and windows while providing unprecedented thermal performance.

Other manufacturers are also limited in their ability to customize their designs, which leaves them depending on European suppliers. Our new thermally broken profile patent allows us to manufacture and fully customize our own steel windows and doors and not rely on outside suppliers. 

As a result, we’re able to offer Austin customers steel windows and doors with the sleekest frames and best sightlines on the market, perfect for Austin’s luxury residential, boutique commercial applications, or historical projects.

The Thermal Window Difference

Portella’s thermally broken steel windows with low e-glass are built with recycled material. Best of all, they’re designed to reduce the amount of energy needed for your home and keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

With new windows, the heat in an occupied space must travel through the glass. But with thermally broken windows, the heat will be allowed to flow into your home from outside walls. 

Thermal windows also minimize sound bleedthrough by blocking soundwaves, which allows you to enjoy the room with next to no noise from outside.

Custom Steel Doors & Windows

What Sets Us Apart From Other Austin Window & Door Suppliers?

One of the best benefits of custom steel doors is that they keep energy costs low due to their insulation, protecting your space from extreme temperatures. Steel doors also reduce air condensation around windows and panels. 

In addition, steel doors require very little maintenance as they resist corrosion, are extremely durable and will last for years. If your Austin business needs to save time and money while still increasing the value of your building’s interior, then a custom steel door is a perfect choice.

Best of all, our custom steel doors in Austin are stylish and easily blend with modern designs. They’re available in a wide variety of colors to suit your individual taste or match your building’s theme. You’ll be able to create an open and welcoming atmosphere for customers without sacrificing privacy or security.

Custom Steel Doors & Windows
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Window Interior Design Trends in 2022

What Sets Us Apart From Other Austin Window & Door Suppliers?

At Portella, we strive to provide the finest quality steel doors and windows in Austin with excellent customer service at an economical price point. We’re proud to offer 20+ years of expertise and artistry to Austin. Here are just a few examples of the Portella difference:

  • Our custom steel doors and windows in Austin are made to order by highly skilled artisans and craftsmen.
  • We have 44,000 square feet of manufacturing space, which means more room to build your custom steel door and window designs.
  • We provide sleek, trademarked, narrow-profile sightlines.
  • Our own transportation eliminates restrictions from third-party logistics companies.
  • We are the only steel doors and windows manufacturer that includes a zinc bonded galvanizing technique.
  • Our Austin steel doors and windows exceed all industry standards, and we’ve received certifications from the ASTM, NFRC, and AAMA.

Reach out today to learn what the Portella difference means for your next Austin steel window or door project.

Window Interior Design Trends in 2022