The Rise of Steel: When & Why Did Steel Windows & Doors Become Luxury Standard?

Steel doors and windows are the luxury standard that are increasingly in popularity by the day. They’ve steadily become the standard in which architects design their buildings because the world’s climate in every form is changing- the climate itself, our work environments and the way of thinking about our carbon footprint. 


how to chooose steel windows and doors


This has led to many changes in designs and aesthetics over the decades. Although steel doors and windows have always been used throughout history, it has taken on new life in creating more durable homes and more open businesses spaces to create more modern and long-lasting buildings.


building with steel doors and windows


Aesthetic Changes


There always have been changes in architecture and design,  but what we started seeing this last decade is a step towards a more open concept and sleek, modern lines. Especially within businesses and offices- there has been a change from the typical cubicle format to a more open layout. 


offices with steel doors and windows


Not just with layouts, but with the lighting and windows as well. A more natural light setting is becoming increasingly more commonplace.

The sleek lines and angles of steel doors are viewed as luxury not just because of their durability, but because the feeling that they convey. They exude professionalism, which is key for any business or office, especially with clients coming in and seeing their workplace.


Ranch Office Houston coworking


Co-working and open layout offices have become a fast trend, and steel doors have made these looks possible by creating a feeling of openness while still providing privacy where needed. These open spaced concepts lead to a more productive and happy team of employees, which ultimately leads to better businesses. This makes the upgrade to steel doors for modern businesses and offices an easy decision. 

Additionally, as many of us are working from home or spending a lot of time at home, the want for a more open space with better lighting has increased so we can feel less boxed in and more peaceful- steel windows and doors makes this possible.


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Steel doors are simply more long lasting than wood doors. Steel windows have been used for decades but are becoming increasingly more trendy as more and more business and homeowners discover how durable steel windows and doors really are compared to wood.


Durable steel windows and doors


Their added safety and security, as well as resistance to noise, pests and other issues usually found in wooden doors make it a favorite for homes,saving them money from having to deal with those nuisances. Even if you prefer a wooden door look, you can have it fitted with steel panels.


modern steel windows and doors


Steel windows and doors will last lifetimes with their thermally bonded zinc galvanizing corrosion resistant coatings as well that protect against so many intense climates. This is great if you live in places near water or you see a lot of snow. 


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Energy Efficiency 


An important factor that also has been steadily increasing the desire for steel windows is the impact of growing more aware of what impact we have on our environment and what role windows play in helping cut down our energy bills. Portella steel windows and doors are thermally broken and exceed all energy requirements. Beautiful steel windows invite in natural light, which helps businesses and homes maximize light while reducing energy costs. 


Steel Windows Energy Efficiency


Around 25% of energy bills can be contributed to ineffective windows- but steel windows cut down this cost which is better for you and your carbon footprint.


open-spaced steel windows


Thermally broken windows are completely sealed to prevent air loss which also helps in energy bills. With the world trying to become more energy efficient, it only makes sense that a more eco-friendly option like steel windows has become more popular.

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