Designing for an Office Space: What Kind of Windows To Choose

Windows are often an overlooked aspect when thinking about the layout and design of an office or building, but the right windows are key to making an office a prosperous, welcoming environment that promotes productivity. Recently, there has been a rise in new office trends where windows take center-stage, especially with co-working and open workspaces. 

When you’re thinking about a design for your office or building, you ‘ll want to keep a few things in mind so that you design something that exudes professionalism. We offer a variety of window types and variations, but the most important thing you’ll want is to make sure the window you pick works for you.


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First impressions are always important- especially with your business. If you’re designing a new space, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that it stands out and looks professional. 

The most common windows for businesses and offices that are trying to create a more modern look are picture windows. They let in natural light more  than just the regular windows and give a really timeless, classic and sleek look. Companies are opting for more open concept offices, waiting rooms and businesses to give their customers a glimpse of their professionalism as soon as they walk in by showcasing their interior design.


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Coworking and open-layout offices are becoming the new way to run an office. The layout creates a sense of comfort for your employees, and is steadily replacing the typical cubicle layout. With sleek picture and transom windows, you can achieve high-end designs and make your employees feel more like a community, and feel more connected to their co-workers and their work. 


Windows for office space


Many newer office designs are going for expansive spaces that maximize natural light, which can make the space feel more open and modern and for many businesses, the need to look “modern” is important.

Not only that, but aesthetically pleasing businesses are ones that customers just tend to gravitate towards. Simply put, people like things that look nice. If your business looks fresh and modern, they’re more likely to want to learn more about you or choose your company to work with. Looking modern conveys that you are aware of the changes of the times and are a dependable, trusting company.


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One of the most common trends we’re seeing at places like Google and other tech companies is a trend in caring about an employee’s well-being. 

Instead of going with the very outdated cubicle set-up, many workplaces are now opting for open-space or co-working concepts, full walls of windows to let light in to every nook and cranny of the office, and opting to use this natural light instead of artificial. 


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There have been tons of scientific studies done that prove that natural light is significantly better for one’s health- from creating a more creative and comforting environment to work in and even helping alleviate symptoms of depression, among many other benefits.

Natural light supplies a steady boost of vitamin D, increases vision health, allows for better sleep and makes employees feel more successful and happy. Not only that, but it has been shown that happier employees are often more successful and are more productive. 


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With things trending towards the happiness and well-being of employees, it would be a wise choice to design your office or building using lots of natural light so that your clients know your employees are taken care of so they can feel they are making an ethical choice by choosing your company.


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Another trending design encompasses leaving less of a carbon footprint, and many businesses are designing or redesigning their office spaces and buildings to maximize light while also reducing the energy bills. 


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Natural light is not only good for your employees, it’s also good for your budget and the environment. On average, 25% of energy bills can be contributed to inefficient windows. With the use of natural light from picture windows, this drastically cuts down on your electricity bill and is more environmentally friendly because you’re using less energy. 

If you’re in a hot climate, you may want to consider solar control films for your windows. It keeps the heat at bay and also saves you energy too. Your SHGC or “solar heat gain coefficient”, in places that experience high temperatures, should always be around 0.40 or lower. Portella windows use a low-emissivity glass that blocks out SHGC. 


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Thermally broken windows prevent air loss because they are sealed completely, and also because of their high performance insulators. The insulator separates two metal halves and the vacuum that is created between them works as insulating material, preventing energy loss. 


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Remember, you should focus on the quality of your window instead of the price- the wrong window can cost you a lot more over time. 

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