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Best Window Decor for Steel Windows

Steel windows have gained popularity for home and business owners for their style and durability. And while interior window design trends are constantly changing, steel doors and windows are here to stay. Investing in steel windows can increase energy efficiency and potentially add value to your home

At Portella, we believe in marrying beauty and utility together to create beautiful steel doors and windows. Our steel windows are built to last with quality materials and add timeless style to your home or business. That’s why we want to help you get the most out of your luxurious fixtures by offering some stylish steel window décor ideas.


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Why Are Steel Window Decoration Ideas Important?


Window Interior Design Trends in 2022


Once your steel windows are installed, what’s next? You may want to consider some steel window decoration ideas to make your space even more unique to your home. Steel window frame décor is essential if you’re going to add soft lines or pops of color to your space. No detail is too small when creating a vision for your area. Having a space that represents who you are is a joyful experience. So why not add some additional flair to your steel windows? Let’s look at some of our favorite steel window decoration ideas. 


Consider Adding a Trendy Valence to Your Steel Window Decoration Ideas


steel window with a valence on it


Window valances may seem outdated to some, but with the suitable material, window valances are a great addition to your steel window decoration ideas. Unlike valences of the past, you can find valances made of unique materials and colors. As a result, valances can add the perfect pop of color or soften your steel window decoration ideas. In addition, these window hangings are ideal for families with little ones or animals, as valences are high enough to be kept away from little fingers and paws.  

Valances are also perfect for your steel window decoration ideas because they let the design of your steel windows shine. Since you aren’t adding a wall hanging over the entire window, the structure of your glass panes and steel windows will still be the star of the show. 


macrame and window


A fun way to keep your house feeling fresh and up-to-date is by adding trendy, easily replaceable touches. Adding modern valances is an excellent start to your steel window decoration ideas. For example, bohemian-inspired pieces are very on-trend right now in home décor. If this is a look you want to incorporate into your home, consider adding a macrame valance to your steel windows. Macrame is a beautiful art form expressed using many different tying styles and colors. Adding this gorgeous rope texture to your steel window decoration ideas is a great way to add dimension and visual interest to your home. It’s also a great way to support small shops that create these wall hangings by hand. 


Incorporate a Touch of Whimsy Into Your Steel Window Frame Décor With Sheer Window Panels


window with a sheer curtain


If valances just aren’t for you, consider adding sheer window panels to your list of steel window decoration ideas. Sheer window panels still allow light to filter through your windows and highlight the construction of your steel window panels. Your steel windows are works of art. The last thing you want is to overshadow them with a heavy window curtain. Be sure to keep your steel windows in mind when planning your steel window décor ideas. This is the best way to guarantee a match made in heaven between your window dressing and steel windows. 

Sheer curtains are an excellent addition to your steel window decoration ideas. If you’re looking to add vibrant pops of color, a fun pattern, or simply add some softness to your space, sheer curtains are the perfect option. When the sun hits them just right, you will see the beautiful lines of your steel windows through your sheer windows, creating a beautiful silhouette. Your sheer curtains can also be tied back or hung to create more of a window swag, showing off the sleek lines of your steel windows. The possibilities are endless when considering sheer curtains for your steel window décor ideas.  


Create a Personal Reading Nook By Your Steel Windows


Portella -Large Format Doors


Steel windows provide opportunities to create an oasis in your home. The natural light provided by exterior steel windows and the elegant lines used in interior french doors is the perfect canvas to develop little getaway areas for yourself. Consider adding a reading nook to your steel window decoration ideas if you enjoy reading. 


comfy chair next to windows


The first item on your checklist to accomplish your reading nook for your steel window decoration ideas should be a comfortable window bench or chair. There’s nothing better than sitting next to a large window bundled up with your next reading adventure. It’s like having a front-row seat at your favorite event. Next, consider adding a small end table to hold your coffee or beverage of choice as you sit and look out over your view. Last, adding a luxurious throw blanket to your reading nook is necessary. Use this opportunity to possibly add a new texture or pop of color to your space that otherwise would have been missed. 


What Are Your Steel Window Decoration Ideas?


Now that we have shared some of our steel window decoration ideas with you, we would love to hear from you! What steel window decoration ideas are you looking forward to trying in your home? Let us know below!

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