French Casement Push-Out Windows & Interior French Doors


French casement push-out windows and interior French doors create a sleek, modern aesthetic for any home or business. If you’re in the market for new doors or windows, these types of french casement windows and french doors make fantastic options. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into all the perks they offer home and business owners. 



What is a French casement push-out window?


A French casement window is a combination of a French casement and a push-out casement. This means that it has the double sashes of a French casement and the elegant function of a push-out casement. These windows can be opened gracefully from the center with a single push. They also do not have a central stile, so they offer completely unobstructed views.

Because they are hinged from the outside, they open and stay open however long you’d like, similar to French doors. So, you have the option to open them to let in some fresh air or give rooms an expanded feel. Even if the wind picks up, these windows will remain steady. 



Additionally, French casement windows, like Portella’s thermally broken windows, are highly energy efficient. They are entirely sealed on all sides to heighten performance and energy efficiency. Cold or hot air won’t escape through cracks, so rooms will always remain at the desired temperature.

French casement push-out windows are wonderful options for those who want a more eco-friendly window for their space. Not only do they help cut down on energy bills, but they may even help you qualify for tax breaks.



How are French casement push-out windows used in interior design?


Opting for French casement pushout windows will bring your aesthetic goals to life. Because French casement windows lack a central stile, it allows for a broad, unobstructed view.

The expansive view makes French casement windows a great addition to any modern architecture as the pure glass window blends seamlessly into any design. 

The simplistic beauty of French casement pushout windows is versatile for any architectural goal. From rustic ranch-style homes to modern office spaces, French casement pushout windows fit well with any design. They add a more modern appearance that can be as subtle or bold as you desire.



French casement pushout windows are made from carbon steel and can be painted in various colors such as pewter, gunmetal, gray, chestnut brown, dark bronze, and black to match your interior design.



What are Interior French Doors?


French doors are pairs of hinged doors with top-to-bottom, expansive, geometric glass with smooth metal or wood frames and features. French doors blend with all styles thanks to their sleek lines and glass panels. 

French doors were created in the 17th Century as a way of letting natural light in before electricity was invented. Therefore, French doors have been the go-to door for those looking to create more open spaces and bring more natural light into their home or office. 



Open-concept spaces are now more popular than ever, and with the top-to-bottom glass panels that French doors offer, home and business owners can connect spaces while maintaining an expansive feel. So if you have rooms in your home or office that you want to open up, consider adding an interior French door to join them together. 



How are French doors used in interior design?


French doors are widely popular and desired because of their sleek beauty. With the rise in popularity in open concept living and work spaces, French doors are highly sought-after. They allow more light to flow through areas easily and are a more open way to connect spaces. Whether you’re using them to transition from living room to patio or master bedroom to balcony or closet, French doors can make any architectural design come to life. 



French doors blend seamlessly into any new or existing interior design, such as contemporary, traditional, rustic, and more, with their geometric designs that minimize lines. So, whatever current style you have or want to create, you can customize them with whatever color, knobs, and latches work best for your goals. 

Portella’s French doors come in a variety of finishes, like pewter, gray, charcoal, bronze, and black. They pair perfectly with any exterior, such as stone, stucco, cement, or wood, so choose a finish that blends well with your architecture and style. 



When installing French doors, consider what kind of knobs, levers, and locks you’ll want to use. For example, if you’re installing a French door for a closet space, you’ll want to avoid knobs that can lock and opt for non-turning, non-active knobs instead because they do not latch. And if you want a bit of privacy, you can always add drapes, blinds, or shutters to your French doors.

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