Window Interior Design Trends in 2022

How Interior Windows Are Influencing Interior Design Trends in 2022

Style is constantly changing. There are new trends to follow every year as older styles fade out in hopes that they’ll be trendy again one day. Interior window design can match with whatever style you have in your home, even if it’s ever-changing.

But what are some of the most current trends for interior window design for 2022? Let’s take a look.


Window Interior Design Trends in 2022


Compliments decor & aesthetic 


When incorporating interior window design, consider what colors and style windows work best with your existing furniture or furniture you plan to purchase. Dark hues, such as shades of brown like terracotta, chocolate brown, burnt umber, camel, and caramel, are popular colors that are very trendy in 2022. However, if brown hues aren’t your thing, any deep neutral additions to your interior will keep you on-trend. 

For example, deep, rich-toned leather furniture is another 2022 interior design trend that you can consider. Customized steel windows have the option to be painted in a variety of colors, including shades of gray, brown, and black to match your interior, style, and decor.



If leather furniture isn’t something you want to add to your home, another trend of 2022 is bringing in natural elements and textures like terracotta, stoneware, marble, and more. And it doesn’t have to be used for only decor. For example, many people are sprucing up backsplashes in their kitchens and bathrooms to add a more earthy vibe. Just make sure that whatever aesthetic and color you go with matches the finishing and style of your interior window design.


Window Interior Design Trends in 2022


Adds natural light


One of the most talked-about trends of 2022 is the addition of natural light in homes and office spaces. Natural light is so important; it helps us stay healthy, gives us our daily Vitamin D, and helps us stay awake and productive during the day. The increase in natural light can also help us reduce our stress levels. With today’s society being more stressed-out than ever, many home and business owners have turned to add more natural light to their spaces.

You can do this by adding expansive windows to your interior window design that bring in light. No matter the size or height of your home, there are many window options for you to choose from. 


Window Interior Design Trends in 2022


For example, if you have a taller home, you can add a clerestory to let light in even near the ceiling or on upper levels. Clerestories are also great for homes that want to display wall art because they take up less wall space. 

If you have a smaller home, adding expansive windows that allow for wide views of your property is excellent for making rooms feel bigger than they are. This also allows tons of natural light to be spread throughout the home.


Window Interior Design Trends in 2022


On a walk-through of the property, if you’re working with a contractor or architect, make sure the sun will be shining into your home where you want it to and not where you don’t. For example, if you know you’ll want the sun shining straight into a room you plan on making into an art studio but don’t want sunlight directly in your living room, speak to your architect about the best direction to place your windows. Also, keep in mind while deciding where to place your windows that sunlight fades furniture and finishings.



Brings nature to you


A popular 2022 trend is bringing useful and meaningful decor and artwork into homes instead of meaningless artwork and decor that holds no value. For example, with the rise of the small businesses, what’s trending now in home decor is adding art by up-and-coming artists to their walls. 

One way you can kick your interior window design up a notch while still staying on trend is to transform your interior window design into a work of art. Incorporating nature as much as possible in your interior design is also very on-trend in 2022. You can do so by using windows to bring a bit of nature into your home. Do so by using windows to frame beautiful parts of your patio, pool, backyard, or garden.



For example, if you have a beautiful pool, fountain, entertaining space, or garden, place a window in front of it to frame the area and bring the beauty indoors. If you’re working with an architect, speak to them about how to best fit the placement. Then, you can decide on your window’s color, finish, and style based on the natural colors around you— let nature be your inspiration. 

Not only are windows great for framing nature, but they also allow you to let in fresh air whenever you want. Steel windows will stay up until you close them, no matter how windy the weather may get. Additionally, if you opt for full-picture windows, you’ll get a broad view of the nature around you.


Window Interior Design Trends in 2022


Makes your home energy-efficient


One of the top interior design trends of 2022 and years prior is making your home into a smart home and adding energy-efficient appliances to minimize carbon footprints.

As people become more aware of how they use electricity and its impact on our environment, people are turning to technology for help. For example, many people are switching to smart thermostats to help regulate the temperature of their homes and keep their energy bills low. They also blend well into any interior design. Traditional thermostats stick out like a sore thumb, but smart thermostats are sleek and modern and look more like wall art than a thermostat. With these perks, many people are turning toward these advanced thermostats instead of traditional models.


Window Interior Design Trends in 2022


Another way people are cutting down their energy bills is by changing their windows to customized thermally broken steel windows. Outdated windows not only leak air, but they also allow in harmful UV rays, increase heat gain and loss, and can fade furniture, rugs, furnishings, and more.

With glazing options that help prevent UV rays from entering the home, these windows can reduce your energy bill. They can also keep a home’s temperature regulated because of how well they’re sealed. Thermally broken steel windows are completely sealed all the way around, so if you want to keep cold air out and warm air in, the outside air won’t make its way into your home.

Sleek, custom thermally broken steel windows make a timeless, sustainable, and eco-friendly addition to any home.

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