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Window Possibilities to Intercept Heat

Summer temperatures have reached an all-time high, and we’re now approaching one of the hottest months of the year. Whether you are in the beginning stages of designing your home or looking into a window replacement, there are a few thoughts to consider when choosing the right windows for your space during the summer months.

Maximizing Light While Reducing Heat
It’s important to find the right windows that will maximize natural light while withstanding the heat. Low emissivity glass is one option for blocking out a significant amount of SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) while allowing natural light to shine through. In hot weather climates like Texas, SHGC should be as low as possible – an ideal level below 0.40 (1).

Use of Multi-Pane Glass
Multi-pane windows, in addition to low emissivity glass, increases energy efficiency and decreases your cooling costs. Various gases are used between glass panes, allowing a better insulating system and in turn, saving energy. Multi-pane windows also help alleviate outdoor noise from entering inside, allowing a more peaceful indoor environment.

Thermally Broken Metal Windows
It’s all about insulation. With thermally broken windows, a high-performance insulator separates two metal halves – whether that be brass, aluminum, or steel. The interior side of the metal is separated from the hotter exterior surface, cutting down the thermal bridging and providing less heat transfer. Remember that the lower the u-value number, the better the thermal performance of the window.

Portella’s Thermal Steel Windows and Doors exceed all current energy efficiency requirements and resist high temperatures of up to 200° C. By coupling modern, classic, or traditional, Portella’s Thermal Series delivers robust durability and suitability for even the most demanding climates. Our Thermal Series offers the narrowest sightlines of any Thermally Broken product available while complying with the most demanding climatic environments.

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