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Why Steel Doors Are Right for Your Home

Your front door makes a statement — after all, it’s one of the first elements people notice about your home! 

Your entry door is the focal point as guests walk up the path, and it should welcome them while making an impression. This is why it’s important to pick a product that matches your space and aesthetic. 

Steel doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want sturdy, long-lasting doors that look great and provide numerous benefits. Steel doors are more durable than wood because they do not expand or contract, and the energy efficiency of steel exterior doors makes them a smart choice. The thermal break provided by steel front doors helps maintain temperatures inside the home. 

On top of being reasonably priced, steel doors also last years and require fewer repairs than other materials. Steel front doors and steel entry doors are likely to deter criminals and provide extra security. Simply put, they offer the best long-term value. 

There are many options for steel interior doors. In addition to their utility, steel and glass interior doors are the height of modernity and style, increasing the attractiveness of your space. 

Imagine walking out of your living room and onto your patio through steel sliding doors. With many elegant options for customization, put a spotlight on your wine collection and keep it at the perfect temperature by using custom stainless steel wine cellar doors. Or maybe you envision steel french doors with glass panels to separate your dining and living rooms in a dramatic fashion. 

Throughout your home, when crafted of steel, interior doors offer safety, efficiency, and privacy. A steel pocket door creates privacy in an ensuite, a steel bi-fold door for your pantry keeps food fresh, and by using a steel door for your home office, you’ll be free from any disturbances.  

These improvements, as well as other types of steel doors — double steel doors, steel cellar doors, steel pivot doors, and more — can upgrade the look and value of your home. For over 20 years, Portella has pioneered new technologies that lead the industry. We’ll help you select and create the perfect look for your space.


Custom Steel Doors


a front steel door with a pastel color


Homeowners often want to make an impression with their steel doors and possess unique ideas. By working with architects to go above and beyond stock versions, you can create your dream custom steel door. Maybe your door frame is oversized or nonstandard. Perhaps with the weather in your area, you need a special door for protection against tornadoes or hurricanes. Or maybe you need a soundproof door for an in-home music studio.

Custom steel door experts can offer an extensive selection of high quality products and options while working to create the aesthetic you want. Looking for the warmth of wood? Consider an embossed wood finish. Need a creative cutout for a special piece of glass? That’s completely doable with exterior or custom glass interior doors.

Precision-built luxury steel doors offer a timeless elegance that will leave you inspired. With many types of steel door options, you’ll be able to choose the perfect steel door for your home.


What Are the Various Types of Steel Doors?


There are several types of steel doors, made with one of three types of steel; galvanized, galvannealed, or cold rolled.

Here are the differences:

  • Galvanized steel: In this process, carbon steel is coated with a layer of full zinc alloy, which offers good rust protection.
  • Galvannealed steel: This contains an iron-zinc alloy applied in a hot-dip process. It’s easy to paint these doors since they have a matte finish.
  • Cold rolled steel: The mill process used for cold rolled steel makes it stronger but it is better for interior steel doors.

There are also thermally broken steel doors, which use two layers of steel separated by insulation to reduce thermal conductivity, keeping your home at the perfect temperature year-round.


Custom Interior and Exterior Steel Doors


Whether you are looking for a steel interior door or a steel exterior door — such as a steel entry door or a steel cellar door — there are many custom options depending on your taste and needs.


Custom Steel Single Doors:


steel single door


A steel single door is the most common type of steel door and is one of the most affordable choices for your home. Custom steel exterior doors are a great option for smaller entryways. Extremely durable, they are weather-resistant and naturally strong, which can increase security. A steel exterior door can cost between $500 and $1,700, depending on your needs. A steel interior door costs less since it doesn’t need pricier features, such as double layers for added insulation or trim to prevent water leakage. An interior door can range from $375 to $1,125.


Custom Double Steel Doors:


double steel door


Double steel doors can make a grand impression. They are a great choice if you have a larger home or if you want to expand your entryway. They cost more than single doors, but the aesthetic you get in return is worth it, with more freedom to play with different architectural styles. Your home can have its own unique look with custom double steel doors, allowing you to be creative and choose decorative elements to enhance your entryway.


Custom Steel French Doors:


custom steel french doors


Steel french doors add a classic, open look to your home. As light streams in, visitors feel invited into your space. Narrow sightlines and a sleek metal frame give steel french doors a stately appeal. Steel french doors are also climate-resistant and energy efficient.


Custom Steel Sliding Doors:


steel and glass sliding doors


Custom glass and steel sliding doors allow people to flow freely from interior to exterior spaces through large-scale frames. With sliding doors, high-quality glass panels sit atop a gliding horizontal operating panel. Steel sliding doors allow rooms to appear wider while creating a pass-through to patios or terraces without taking up floor space.


Custom Steel Bi-fold Doors:


steel bi fold doors


Steel Bi-fold doors can transform the look and feel of any space. Also known as accordion glass doors or steel bi-fold doors, they add an element of elegance. Imagine magnificently opening your patio doors. Whether you need an exterior steel bi-fold door that is insulated or an interior door, there are endless options.


Custom Steel Pocket Doors:


custom steel door


Custom pocket doors slide into a pocket that is fitted within the wall cavity — so it’s hidden — for a clean and streamlined look. These doors move on rollers suspended from a track attached to the pocket door frame. Homeowners choose steel pocket doors when they need to divide a space or perhaps close off an ensuite for privacy.


Custom Steel Pivot Doors:


pivot steel door


While traditional doors hang on hinges at the edge of the jamb and the wall, custom steel pivot doors rotate on an axis over the upper jamb and threshold, creating a space between the door and the frame. Since the door doesn’t hang on hinges, it can be much bigger and heavier than a traditional door, offering a more modern look.


Wine Room Steel Doors


wine room doors


If you have a wine room, you will want a wine room steel door that showcases your collection but also keeps the room at the perfect temperature. It’s essential that the bottles are protected from drastic temperature changes and weather conditions to preserve the integrity of the wine. Custom stainless steel wine cellar doors will safeguard your investment and blend in with the decor of the room and the overall aesthetic of your home.


Thermal Break Steel Doors


thermal steel doors


A thermal break is a barrier created by inserting insulation between two layers of steel to lessen thermal conductivity. An essential feature in exterior steel doors, a thermal break separates indoor and outdoor temperatures. A great deal of heat can be lost through door frames without a thermal break, as metal is an excellent conductor of heat and cold, and with a thermal break system, thermal conductivity is 1000x slower. Thermally broken steel doors are one of the best ways to keep your home more energy efficient.


Why Are Stainless Steel Doors A Smart Choice For My Home?


Stainless steel doors are great for homeowners who want to keep energy costs low, secure their property and invest in a door that will not require a lot of maintenance. Since steel will not rust, it needs no extra protection from the elements other than a simple coat of paint. Stainless steel doors are sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective, making them a smart choice.


Are Steel Entry Doors Safe?


Steel entry doors are some of the most long-lasting, durable doors you can buy. They are also incredibly secure, since they are hard to penetrate, making them a good choice for preventing intruders. Steel exterior doors cannot be easily broken through. Burglars often try to gain entry by kicking the door in or using a crowbar, but steel doors are more resistant to these kinds of attacks.


Which Steel Door is Best for Your Home?


When choosing a steel door for your home, there are several factors to consider. First, think about what purpose the steel door will serve. Are you considering a steel entry door to keep your family safe and warm? Would you like to preserve your wine collection with a custom stainless steel wine cellar door? Or will you be choosing steel and glass interior doors for an elegant way to divide a room or space?

Next, think about how you’d like your door to look. Do you envision a custom door with cutouts for glass? A smooth finish with basic designs, a textured wood look, or perhaps high-definition embossing? The style and color options are endless. After considering the type of door and style, reach out to one of our experienced project managers to bring your vision to life.

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