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Are Thermally Broken Windows Worth It?

No home or business renovation is complete until you add new windows. However, many people don’t realize how crucial they are. While windows provide a relaxing view, their function is much more than just visual. They control how outdoor sound and temperature affect the building. And as everyone knows, fluctuations in temperature are often inconvenient, unpleasant, and costly.

Unfortunately, older windows aren’t as efficient of a barrier compared to newer, advanced models. That’s why thermally broken windows are an appealing alternative to traditional options. By investing in these cutting-edge fixtures, you’ll enjoy a more stable, comfortable environment and improved energy efficiency.


Thermally Broken Windows Explained

The term thermally broken might seem confusing. While the standard definition of “broken” suggests damage, thermally broken windows correct a problem found in traditional windows. 

Metal is frequently used to frame glass windows because it is an excellent thermal conductor. This characteristic is possible because heat transfers through metal very easily.


Thermally Broken Windows Explained


Although they look similar to a standard window, thermally broken frames utilize different components, such as an insulator. This feature creates a barrier between the inside and outside of a window frame. The insulator “breaks” the connection between the two sides of the frame. 


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As a result, thermally broken windows prevent heat from transferring from one side of the frame to the other. But how does this impact you and your home? Essentially, it helps the building maintain a consistent temperature by keeping the heated or cooled air from escaping. Best of all, the reduction of heat transfer helps you save money on your energy bill.


thermally broken windows


The Benefits of Thermally Broken Windows

Double-glazed (dual-pane) windows are an improvement over single-paned windows. A form of insulating glass, they are constructed with a gas-filled space between two layers of glass. This design helps reduce the transfer of heat between inside and outside environments, thus reducing energy use. Double-glazed windows are a good start, but thermally broken windows are best if you want high performance.


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Another potential upgrade to your windows is the use of Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass. What is Low-E glass?  It is coated glass that’s more energy-efficient than traditional options. The transparent layer reduces how much ultraviolet and infrared light comes through the window. This characteristic enables Low-E glass to reflect heat away on hot days and retain warmth inside the building on cold days.


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While double-glazed windows help prevent heat transfer into unwanted areas, standard window frames that hold double-glazed windows still allow thermal conductivity. For example, these types of metal window frames still absorb heat from outside on hot days, raising the temperature inside your home or office. In addition, an opposite effect will occur on chilly days. Therefore, the building will always struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature due to its outdated window frames.


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Thermally broken windows provide a solution to this problem. That’s because their insulator prevents heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the window. As a result, the environment remains stable, and your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard. 

You’ll also enjoy the benefit of a more serene and private dwelling. Thermally broken windows reduce sound transfer, resulting in your conversations from being overheard and preventing outside noise from intruding.


How Portella Enhanced Thermally Broken Windows

Portella manufactures its thermally broken window frames with steel, making them durable and low maintenance. Meanwhile, other companies typically use aluminum, which is more elastic than steel. Therefore, aluminum frames will flex and bend more easily, making it a sub-par choice for large windows and buildings in areas that experience high winds or earthquakes.

Additionally, Portella is the only steel window manufacturer that uses a zinc-bonded galvanizing technique. This unique coating is corrosion-resistant, ensuring that you get the maximum life out of your thermally broken steel windows.


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Thermally broken steel windows are a luxurious addition to any residential or commercial property. Portella manufactures custom steel windows to complement both classic and contemporary styles. Narrow sightlines are our trademark, as the thinner frames on our windows provide unobstructed views.

When the time to sell is approaching, home and business owners face a big question. How can you add value to your home

Replacing or upgrading to thermally broken windows is a fantastic way to modernize your building. Buyers often value thermally broken windows because of their durability, low maintenance, and energy-reducing benefits.


The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Your building’s environment will be more comfortable once you make the upgrade to thermally broken window frames. However, the environmental benefits don’t end there. Thermally broken windows conserve energy which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction helps slow climate change and minimizes air pollution, creating a better environment for everyone.



Portella’s steel windows go the extra mile because they are crafted with 100% recycled materials. So when you choose Portella’s thermally broken windows, you’ll enjoy better temperature control and energy savings. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind that your windows were crafted with the conservation of energy and resources in mind.


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Portella has been creating efficient and attractive window solutions since 1999. With quality craftsmanship and seven locations across the United States, don’t you think it’s time you contacted Portella so we can improve and beautify your home, too?

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