How Smart Glass is Looking to Replace Curtains

To be seen, or not to be seen, the choice is yours…at the flick of a switch.

Are curtains drawing to a close? Glass that switches from transparent to opaque may soon replace the need for blinds. Curtains have been used for hundreds of years – but new technology means their reign could be drawing to a close.

Modern architecture and interior design leans toward sleek, minimalistic lines. Often glass walls are a feature but this raises the question of how to maintain the beauty without sacrificing privacy.

At the flick of a switch, privacy glass can change its appearance from opaque to clear, giving you complete privacy or clear views on demand.

Privacy glass (known as smart glass) is an electrically activated, switchable glazing technology that instantly changes from transparent to frosted white, creating 100% privacy with a touch of a button. When in the powered state, the panels are clear, allowing full view and daylight to pass through. When unpowered, the view is completely obscure.

Switchable privacy glass provides a wide variety of privacy solutions for residential and commercial applications. Privacy glass is well suited to windows, front entranceways, sidelights, bathrooms, conference rooms and partitions.

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