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Shower and Sauna Design Trends of 2018

Bathrooms are often overlooked in the design planning, as they’re typically not the first place in a home to try something trendy. With these new design trends for showers and saunas emerging to the scene, your bathroom can experience a fresh, timeless makeover.

Seamless Shower
Seamless Showers are taking over, especially in smaller bathroom spaces. Not only do they free up space needed for the door to open and close, but they also minimize mold risks. Seamless showers give a clean, fresh look while offering plenty of customization and flexibility. Just remember to add one wall of glass to keep the water in and invest in a suitable shower head to keep you warm from the open breeze.

Marble Walls
Large, over-scale slabs from floor to ceiling are becoming quite popular among modern homes. Marble lasts forever so the financial investment is worth it. Plus, styling and accessories can be kept at a minimum as marble is the main visual talking point.

Black Architectural Framing
Black is back! Rather than designing your dream shower with stainless steel, try matte black instead. Black will never go out of style and it blends perfectly with any surface, hardware, and material. This modern, industrialized look is all over the bathroom scene in 2018.

Textured and Mismatched Tiles
Goodbye subway tile, hello textured and mismatched tile! Choose from solid color tiles to create your own patterns or geometric patterned tiles with the same dominant color for a bold, unique vibe.

Stylish Saunas
Saunas are great for providing many health benefits and quality relaxation. For a more modern and clean look, create a space with light-filled, modern-style glass rather than wood. Surrounding the sauna with large format windows allows you to luxuriate in the view and relaxation.

The versatility of steel and glass door and wall materials with slender lines produce an exceptional finished product providing a modern, contemporary, or classic look in any bathroom, to match any interior design. With the craftsmanship of stainless steel, Portella shower and sauna doors are the highest quality with a minimalist approach.

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