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New Automated Steel Doors for Your Home and Business

A new set of luxurious automated steel doors have hit the market, courtesy of Portella and Summit Automation’s new partnership! Our mission is to bring these doors to commercial and residential areas. They are operated through different options, which include:

  • Remote Control
  • Touchpad
  • Voice Control
  • Motion Sensor

The doors are made with stainless steel, and it runs off of a K2 motor placed above the doors for the automated pivot doors and the automated sliding doors. It even has a battery backup system that lasts for 30+ hours if the power goes out. If the electricity is out for longer, there is an option to disable the automated use and switch over manually so that no one is trapped inside or locked out.


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The Pros and Cons of Automated Steel Doors


Automated steel doors, like everything else, have pros and cons that should always be taken into consideration. Let’s take a look!


The Pros of Installing Automated Steel Doors


  • Different styles: The high-quality material used to make these doors is one of the reasons home & business owners are flocking to install these fabulous door systems. These doors offer a unique style with various designs, colors, shapes, and finishes. The two type options are sliding and pivoting doors, which work best for homes and businesses.


  • Convenience: The doors do not require hands, arms, or bodies to push or pull against the doors. All of thмe doors open automatically to let people in and out of the building. It works excellent for those with their hands full and is convenient for moving heavy items in and out of buildings. All you need to do is to push a button or walk by the motion detector to engage the automated steel door. They also close automatically once the traffic has cleared, ensuring that the heat or air conditioning doesn’t escape.


  • Safe and secure: Security is a primary reason people want the best automated steel doors for their homes and businesses. The structured steel doors are a significant plus for safety and security. They can also withstand almost any weather, unlike many wood doors.


The Cons of Installing Automated Steel Doors


  • Installation: The installation process is not a DIY project. This process requires certified technicians, which can mean a hefty upfront cost. However, the expertise ensures that the job is done right. 


  • Potentially costly: Along with the installation, the materials are expensive. Automated steel doors are built to keep intruders out. It is the price to pay for durability and design among the luxuries equipped with the technology. Other than the materials, everything is computerized and electronic, with the most reliable technology for opening, closing, locking, and unlocking.


  • Requires maintenance and cleaning: If your automated steel door includes a glass pane, it can be a hassle to keep the glass clean and damage-free. You’ll also need to regularly inspect the seal around the door, which is largely responsible for keeping the door secure and the weather out. The bolts and other components will develop rust over time and require periodic maintenance, and any troubleshooting will require the work of certified technicians to come out and repair the problem.


The Benefits of Automated Commercial Doors


  • Easy transportation of large items, such as suitcases, wheelchairs, and carts. Businesses such as hotels, malls, and shopping centers use mostly automated commercial sliding doors that open and close from side to side.


  • Easily customizable depending on the level of security the building requires. A common security measure in many office buildings is an intercom system technology where visitors can be buzzed in by the receptionist. This technology is ideal to ensure maximum protection from unwanted visitors.


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The Benefits of Automated Residential Doors


The benefits of automated commercial doors apply to automated residential doors. They enable maximum security, convenience, and easy transfers of heavy items in and out of the building. The most common residential doors are pivoting doors that open in the direction you are going, making it easy for a quick entry and exit.

Automated pivot doors are found on residential buildings or places where the foot traffic is low. They also have one door per entry and one per exit.

If you’ve been looking into purchasing new automated steel doors for your home or business, your search is over. Contact us today to learn what the Portella difference can do for you!

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