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How to Maintain Luxury Steel Doors [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a steel door, including energy efficiency, security, durability, and more. But the fact that steel doors require very little maintenance after installation is one benefit that appeals to a lot of people. However, homeowners shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that “very little maintenance” is the same thing as “no maintenance.” To keep doors looking and working their best, you will need to do some minor maintenance from time to time.

Use this guide to understand everything you need to know to maintain your luxury steel doors and keep them in excellent condition for years to come.

The first step in all home maintenance work is regular inspections. Seasonal checks on various parts of your home is one of the best ways to catch small issues before they become large problems. When it comes to your luxury steel doors, you should regularly inspect the various parts of your door to check for any blemishes or other irregularities that could highlight an existing issue or point to potential problems down the road.

Below are the various components of luxury steel doors, and everything you need to know about maintaining them to ensure your steel door lasts. Remember, these are general guidelines and recommendations. You should always be sure to follow the specific guidelines that are provided by your door’s manufacturer when cleaning, maintaining, and repairing your luxury steel door.

Maintenance of Luxury Steel Doors


If there is any glass incorporated into your steel door, you’ll want to check it regularly for cracks and chips. Even a small bit of damage to the glass could result in a large crack or completely broken glass, especially in areas with extreme temperature shifts. Checking the seal around the glass is also important. A broken or damaged seal can allow water intrusion, which can cause additional damage to the glass and the door itself. It’s very important to note any damage to the glass in your door as early as you can and get it repaired as soon as possible.

steel door hardware


Entry door hardware includes the knob or handle, the locking mechanisms, and the hinges. Periodically checking to be sure that all the hardware is properly tightened and working correctly is important to the proper functioning of the door, and it can help to prevent damage due to excessive wear on misaligned parts. Most door hardware can be adjusted quickly with a basic screwdriver.

If your door becomes squeaky over time, it probably means the hinges just need a little lubricant. Locks can also get “sticky” sometimes, especially in wet climates. You can get a special spray lubricant that’s made especially for locks, and a quick spray should loosen the parts right up and make it easy to use your key to unlock the door again.

Weatherstripping to Maintain steel doors


The gasket around the door, more commonly known as weatherstripping, is an important component of your door’s energy efficiency. The weatherstripping helps the door to create a seal against the stop when the door is closed. Weatherstripping can be made from a variety of materials and works to stop heat transfer in the home. Weatherstripping can wear out, and lose elasticity over time. So, to provide the best level of energy efficiency possible for your home, weatherstripping should be regularly checked and replaced as necessary.

how to maintain steel doors


The panel makes up the major portion of the door. Since it’s made from steel, the panel itself will require very little maintenance, aside from a basic cleaning with mild soap and water from time to time. The nature and strength of the steel, which is what makes it a great option for entry doors, means that the panel itself will be durable and not require much effort to keep it in excellent condition.

door frame maintenance


The frame of your door could be metal or wood, depending on the style and size of the door you choose. If your frame is steel, your maintenance will again be minimal, just as with the panel. You should monitor the glass, if any in the frame, and clean with mild soap and water on occasion. If the frame is wood, it might require more maintenance, because wood is more easily damaged than steel. Wood frames might get dents and gouges over time that will need to be filled, sanded, and repainted to help your door maintain its best aesthetics.

sweep maintenance


Door sweeps are another component of energy efficiency for front doors. The door sweep is made out of rubber, silicone, or other similar material. When the door is closed, the sweep presses tight against the threshold of the door to keep air and light from moving under the door. Sweeps can become loose or damaged over time, which reduces their effectiveness. If you’re feeling a draft under the door, your sweep may need to be adjusted or replaced.

Carbon Steel Pivot Door installed in a home


The threshold is the part of the door that connects the doorframe to the floor. Common materials for thresholds include steel, aluminum, and wood. The threshold presses against the door sweep to keep air from flowing around the door. If you’re feeling a draft and have determined the problem isn’t with the door sweep, then the threshold may need to be adjusted or repaired in order to create the pressure against the sweep that’s needed to stop air flowing through the gap.

custom modern steel door

Ongoing Door Maintenance

Just like any other part of your house, it’s important to keep your doors well maintained so they stay functional and look great for years to come. Luxury steel doors are much more durable than doors made from any other material, but they still need to be cared for properly.

You can dedicate a small amount of time each season, or on a quarterly basis to thoroughly check your door and all the attached components. Be sure to keep an ongoing log of any personal maintenance, repairs, or adjustments made to your doors, windows, or any other part of your home!

Keeping track of what happens to your door, and how it’s fixed or maintained, can be a huge help in case you need a more major repair, replacement, or upgrade. Does an issue keep happening every couple of months, or did it happen a year ago and you just noticed recently? With a regular maintenance log, you’ll know exactly what happened and when, which can help keep your doors and household comfortable and secure for years to come.

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Have you ever had a maintenance problem with your front door? What did you do to fix it?

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