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Custom Old World Doors

European architectural style meets American modern design with Portella’s custom old world doors. In the 17th century, the custom designs of old world doors were a symbol of wealth and high social standing. Today, old world doors give homes the perfect mix of old and new. Whether you crave an ornamental style or a distinct simplicity, there is a door for your home. 

Our master blacksmiths carefully craft each door to be decorative in style without sacrificing functionality. Your entryway is the first impression of your home, and our old world doors will make your home stand out with an elegant and expressive look. Portella’s old world doors link different architectural elements of a home’s façade while creating an exterior focal point. 

Our experienced team can create a custom old world door in any shape, configuration, size or paint option. No matter the style or look of your home, our expert craftsmen can tailor-make your old world door to match your taste. 

We also make doors that last  – even in harsh climates. Portella is the only old world door manufacturer that includes thermally-bonded zinc galvanizing corrosion resistant coating. Your home’s exterior doors symbolize security and privacy, so it’s important to pick a brand that will give you peace of mind. We create doors that exceed industry standards and are built to last. 

Technical Specifications 

Our precise quality control methods are one-of-a-kind compared to other old world door manufacturers. Portella’s doors are exceptionally detailed and have top quality specifications, which include:

  • Richly crafted in wood, steel, iron, stone and glass textures
  • Double glazed (single and triple available)
  • Glass: Cardinal 366 over clear tempered
  • In-house fabricated brass thresholds with weep system for swing doors
  • Heavy-duty impact rated thresholds with drainage system for multi-slide doors
  • Available in standard and custom paint options
  • Hinges: Adjustable steel post in barrel with ball bearing
  • Continuous steel mounting flanges with orientation options
  • Hardware options: Pivot hinges, panic hardware and door closers for commercial applications
  • Swing doors, multi-slide, pocket multi-slide, bi-folding and pivot configurations
  • True divided lite construction
  • NFRC-rated which meets new energy code requirements and Title 24

Old World Doors Details

Portella’s old world doors are custom-made to meet the unique style of your home. Choose from various ornamental details, such as wrought iron elements, overhead windows, iron door knockers, stone sculptures or animal heads. You can also choose from Grecian motifs such as triglyphs, canals, drops, arabesques, foliation, garlands and acanthus from the neo-classicism style introduced in the second half of the 18th century.

Our custom ironworks sets your entryway apart and conveys originality. And combined with architectural elements such as pilasters on pedestals, our old world doors will capture the past and create the essence of luxury from today’s modern world. 

Portella’s old world doors aren’t designed to enhance the visual appeal of your home, though. Our doors meet the highest safety and endurance measures while featuring additional functionality. Thermally broken and NFRC-rated, all of our old world doors exceed energy efficiency requirements. Some of our doors also boast fire protection features. And our contemporary pivot doors gently move on concealed hinges with a touch of the hand.


How to Order 

Our old world doors are custom-made and built to your precise requirements. Your first step is to contact our experienced team who will answer all of your questions and take you through our process. Before we can create a detailed quote for your approval, we will need information about your project, such as the size and location of your old world doors. 

After you review and approve your quote, we will assign you a project manager who will be your dedicated point of contact every step of the way. Portella prides itself in prompt communication, so you don’t have to worry about being out of the loop. 

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The Benefits of Old World Doors

  • Aesthetics – Whether ornamental in style or solid with a clear simplicity, our old world doors will give your guests a lasting impression.
  • Custom-fit – We will custom fit your old world door to suit your needs.
  • Quality – From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to our personally assigned design specialists, we focus on quality so every project is a success.
  • Price – To keep costs down, we keep every stage of the process in house so there are no additional markups.
  • Energy efficiency – Each old world door is NFRC-rated and exceeds all energy efficiency requirements.
  • Long warranties – All of our old world doors have an exceptional 10 to 20-year warranty.
  • Superior climate durability – You can reduce your energy bills with our custom old world doors, as each door is designed to meet the climatic conditions of your state.

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