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How to Incorporate Farmhouse Decor with Contemporary Design

With the popularity of home decoration and renovation shows, contemporary farmhouse design has risen to fame in America. With its charming callbacks to the homes of early settlers, contemporary farmhouse decor brings charm and heart to any home. 

It can be frustrating to decide which style of decor you want to adorn your house. If you go too trendy, your hard work becomes outdated quickly. But conversely, if you go too vintage, your home can look like a blast from the past right from the start. Contemporary farmhouse decor has bridged the gap between vintage and contemporary design. This allows you to choose elements of Americana design from the past and marry them with materials and sleek lines of current designs. 

Adding contemporary farmhouse decor to your home is also an easy way to increase your home’s value and curb appeal. With a modern but cozy atmosphere, your home will increase in value simply due to a well-decorated space. 

So the question remains, can you mix contemporary and farmhouse styles? Here we will examine precisely what defines farmhouse decor and how this genre overlays with contemporary design.


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What is Contemporary Design Style?


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When deciphering what design elements fall under the banner of contemporary farmhouse decor, it’s first important to note that there are different styles of farmhouse decor. There are many different genres of fashion in mainstream design, so it’s essential to know the key distinctions between each motif. For instance, modern and contemporary designs are not the same, even though they have overlapping elements. The same principle stands for the different styles of farmhouse design. 

Beneath the banner of the farmhouse design sector are several subsects. Whether you like vintage, classic, rustic, or contemporary farmhouse elements, you can be free to pull parts from each category when you go with contemporary farmhouse design. So, can you mix contemporary and farmhouse decor? The short answer is yes. The beauty of contemporary farmhouse design is that it allows you to stay true to Americana roots while using sleek and modern lines and materials throughout your home. By not taking the purist classic farmhouse decor route, you will experience more freedom of expression when planning your space.


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Is Contemporary Farmhouse Decor Right For Your Home?


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A great way to know if contemporary farmhouse decor is right for you is to know what architectural style your home was designed around. It may sound daunting, but it’s pretty simple to uncover the architectural style of your house.

The adage, “if these walls could talk,” is a great perspective to take when learning more about the style of your house. Here are a few simple questions you can ask when figuring out your architectural style.

  • What are the primary building materials used in your home? 
  • How tall are your ceilings? 
  • Do you have an open floor plan, or is it more compartmentalized? 
  • When was your home built? 
  • What is the size and location of your home?
  • Are there any distinguishing design features?

These fundamental questions will lead you to understand more about the architectural style of your home. Once you have taken this step, you can move forward with incorporating farmhouse-style decor into your home.


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Incorporate Steel Windows and Doors Into Your Contemporary Farmhouse Design


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Contemporary farmhouse decor is partially founded on the principle of reusing materials to be more sustainable. When the early settlers came to America, their homes were built mainly with the wood and timber that could be found. This resulted in a style that takes what may have been discarded and turns it into a shelter. 

The premier sustainable choice for energy-efficient doors and windows is custom steel doors. Portella offers top-ot-the-line steel doors and windows made to fit your structure perfectly. If you want to add functional art to your home, adding steel doors and windows is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. By utilizing steel doors and windows, you are not only adding value to your home but also marrying contemporary and modern design in a tremendous way. In addition, these statement pieces will bring light and charm to your home while saving you time and money. 

Custom steel doors are ideal if you are looking for a charming addition to your home that alleviates the pressure of constant upkeep. With wooden doors, you have to worry about the warping of the material, rotting, or even causing mold to spread if not cared for properly. Steel windows and doors do not carry the same risks as wooden stock doors. They require the most minor amount of maintenance of any style of door on the market. Adding steel doors and windows to your space is a great way to incorporate contemporary farmhouse design into your home in an energy-efficient and eco-conscious manner.


Simple Accents Can Make A Big Impact In Farmhouse Contemporary Design


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Contemporary farmhouse decor is all about taking vintage elements from the past and bringing new life to them in the present. Characteristics of classic farmhouse decor relied heavily on natural wood accents as these were the materials available to early American settlers. Homes with wood-paneled walls, wide-plank floors, and exposed timber were quintessential staples of a classic farmhouse-style home. 

Not everyone will want to undertake the addition of installing visible timbers or wide-paneled floors, so adding more vintage accent pieces is a simple way to honor the past of farmhouse decor and make it relevant today. Porcelain sinks were a considerable component of farmhouse homes, so if you’re looking to replace your sinks, consider adding an apron sink to your kitchen for an authentic farmhouse feel. 

Even easier still, you can bring the classic farmhouse flair to your modern space by collecting vintage furnishings, fabrics, and knick-knacks to display in your area. Marrying modern open floor plans with pieces from the past is the perfect way to achieve the contemporary farmhouse design aesthetic.


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Utilizing Colors And Textures To Create the Perfect Contemporary Farmhouse Style


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Creating the perfect balance in your design for a contemporary farmhouse-style home is easier than you would think. When shopping for accent pieces to adorn your space, consider different colors and textures to create a more visually appealing look. The beauty of contemporary farmhouse decor is that you can bring elements from the past and make them work with fresh and new pieces. For example, you can have a solid wood sliding barn house door mounted to the entrance of your master suite while you have sleep granite countertops in your kitchen. In addition, farmhouse-style furniture is on the rise in popularity. This means sprinkling newly built farmhouse-inspired pieces with vintage items found at local thrift shops or antique boutiques can bring the past and present together in one space. 

Here are a few things to remember when planning your contemporary farmhouse decor plan.

  • Keep practicality top of mind. Only bring pieces into your space if they will be useful. 
  • Stick to a mostly neutral palette with strategic pops of color to ensure a cohesive look
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces. However, there’s no need to buy a matching set when eclectic pieces can be much more interesting. 
  • Bring natural elements like wicker baskets, wooden shelves, and natural fibers into your designs.
  • Mix and match modern and industrial items to create visual interest in different areas of your home
  • Keep minimalism in mind. If an item doesn’t have a space, it should not be brought into the home.

These are just a few tips and tricks to get you started on your way to incorporating farmhouse decor into your contemporary space. 

Now that we have outlined our ideas for combining contemporary and farmhouse decor, what ideas do you have for your space? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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