Why You Might Want Interior Windows

When the average person thinks of windows, they most often envision the standard, dull exterior windows found on “typical” buildings. The thing is, windows don’t have to be boring. In fact, as modern design principals evolve, windows are continuously stepping up into the spotlight. 

Good windows can make or break not only the functionality of a building but its aesthetics too. It’s incredible what a simple window replacement can do to bring a space to life, taking a building from dull to luxurious. 


Interior Windows in Appartments


Truth be told, windows are the first real art that you ever purchase for your home. They have just as much impact, if not more, than any painting or framed photo you could get to adorn your walls. 

If you’ve never heard of interior windows, you’ll understand why they’re becoming so popular in the world of architecture and design once you see them in action. 


interior windows in design


They not only look great but offer a ton of practically – making them an excellent alternative to solid walls in a wide variety of situations. 

In this post, we’ll touch on all of that and more.


Interior Windows


How Interior Windows First Came to Life 


If you’ve ever been in a public space, such as a healthcare facility, you’re probably already familiar with very basic interior windows designed for functionality. The types of interior windows most often found in these buildings are commonly referred to as pass-through windows.


house interior windows


This window type is a prime example of how interior windows can be used to create boundaries within a space while still allowing it to feel open, welcoming, and friendly.  


home interior windows


This window style, and the principals above for which it was developed, serve as a foundation for modern, more aesthetically driven interior window design not only in public spaces but in homes. 


interior windows for house


Seamless Solutions for Modern Situations 


Whether your window needs are commercial or residential, there are all sorts of reasons why you might want to implement interior windows in your space.

 They offer a wide range of benefits, and when done right, can leave an area looking fresh and thoughtfully designed with minimal effort. 

 Below we’ll touch on some of the most common reasons why people opt for interior windows. 


interior windows for your house


Keeping Private Conversations Private 


If you run a multipurpose business space, like a coworking space or something more basic like your typical office – there will likely come a time where you need a space capable of hosting confidential talks. 

Whether you’re dealing with sensitive information or simply looking to respect the privacy of clients, interior windows and glass partitions offer an excellent alternative to outdated “cubicles.” If you want to up the privacy factor, even more, you can even find interior windows made from frosted glass. 


modern interior windows


Creating Multifunctional Spaces Within Limited Square Footage 


When you’re working with limited space, it isn’t always feasible to construct full on rooms with traditional walls. Interior windows offer an excellent way to create “separate” areas without overwhelming the square footage of a building.

 If you want to create multiple spaces from what would otherwise be limited to one open space, installing a segment of interior windows will let you do so while still keeping the room looking and feeling open. 


how to choose interior windows


Letting Light Flow 


Traditional rooms constructed from standard, opaque walls have their place, but they also have some downsides. One of the biggest being the way that they obstruct the flow of light within an interior space. Sure, this can be countered by installing exterior windows – but if you’re working with a room that is situated in the middle of the home, this only leaves one outer wall to work with

For example, if the room is something like a home office or a children’s playroom that doesn’t necessarily require the privacy of traditional walls, a “room” crafted from interior windows could prove to work out better than a conventional room – allowing it to feel bright and connected to the rest of the home. 


modern interior windows for house


Stainless Steel Windows for Timeless Charm 


Windows, both interior and exterior, come in a wide variety of materials meant to suit the tastes of building owners across the board. 

With that being said, it’s hard to beat the look of steel, which blends perfectly with just about any style, whether you’re going for modern or classic. 

It’s a window material that truly stands the test of time and has outlasted other trends, calling interior designers back like clockwork. 

Feeling inspired yet? If not, our gallery will get you there. 

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