What You Should Know About Custom Shower Doors

On the list of home improvements that provide the best return on investment, updating your home’s bathrooms is always at the top of the list. When you make the right investments in updating your bathrooms, you can get more than a one hundred percent return on your investment in increased value for your home.

There are a lot of options when it comes to updating your bathrooms and giving them a more luxurious feel. You can add new fixtures, flooring, paint, tile, and more. One great way to give your bathroom a completely new feel is to add custom shower doors. Custom shower doors allow you to get rid of hard-to-clean shower curtains and give your bathroom an upscale feel that’s hard to replicate in any other way.

Here’s what you should know about custom shower doors.


custom shower doors




If you’re just switching out existing shower doors for new ones, then the placement isn’t much of an issue. You’ll just be installing the new doors exactly where the existing doors are. If you’re doing a complete remodel and adding a new shower or expanding the existing shower, then you’ll have to carefully consider the placement of any hardware required for the shower doors, as well as the doors themselves. 

When planning the shower installation, you’ll need to make sure that the shower door hardware can be properly anchored and that it won’t interfere with any existing electrical or plumbing lines in the walls or floor.


choosing glass shower doors


Framed or Frameless


When choosing glass shower doors, you’ll be able to select between framed and frameless options.  Many people gravitate toward frameless doors because of the sleek and modern design aesthetics, but framed shower doors are safer and less vulnerable to breakage. 

Plus, framed shower doors can be customized to have a gorgeous modern look and feel while being safer and more durable. Either type can work in most designs, so be sure to do your research and understand which will work better for you based on your anticipated usage and home design.


Choosing the right thickness for the glass in your shower doors


Glass Thickness


Most glass shower doors are at least ½ inch thick, but thicker glass may be required, depending on the design and function of the glass shower doors you choose. For example, for glass shower doors that swing on hinges, a thinner ⅜ inch glass may be used instead to reduce the strain on the hinges over time. 

Choosing the right thickness for the glass in your shower doors will not only ensure they’re safe for their intended purpose but also that they’ll be durable and last long enough for you to enjoy in your bathroom for years to come.


swinging shower door




Another decision you’ll have to make for your custom shower doors is how you want to enter the shower. Do you want a swinging door or a sliding door? Or, in some cases, shower enclosures can be designed to not need a door at all. 

If you choose a swinging shower door, you have to have enough space to account for the door to swing open outside the shower. According to building codes, it can swing both ways if you want, but it must also swing to the outside for safety purposes. So, you’ll have to be sure you have enough clearance for the door to swing open without encountering any obstructions.

A sliding door requires more hardware to install but less clearance to open, so if you’re working with a small space, then a sliding shower door is likely to be the best bet for your bathroom.


shower design with glass




If your chosen shower design will have glass with visible edges, you’ll need to select the finish you want on the edges. There are multiple options and finishes you can choose from, including beveled, sanded, polished and more. The purpose is to make the edges safe for handling.


clear glass shower doors




Do you want completely clear glass shower doors, or are you looking for a little more privacy? If multiple people use your bathroom, then you might want to consider getting tinted or frosted glass in at least some areas for privacy purposes.


custom steel shower doors


Why choose a custom shower door?


Although glass shower doors can be purchased in standard configurations, there are many great reasons to choose custom steel shower doors. Custom shower doors can be designed and purchased in framed and frameless configurations and to any size specifications you want. Some other benefits of custom showers doors are:

  • High-end, luxury look and feel
  • Backed by a warranty
  • Customized to your exact specifications
  • More natural light flowing through the space, where applicable
  • No wasted space
  • Durable
  • High-quality craftsmanship


Choosing custom steel shower doors for your bathroom


Choosing custom steel shower doors for your bathroom remodel may cost a little bit more than buying off-the-shelf options. Still, you’ll get gorgeous doors that are entirely customized to your needs and preferences and that are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. Choose a custom steel shower door for your bathroom remodel, and you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.


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