What to Expect When Upgrading Windows

If you care about comfort, style, and efficiency – there will likely come a time when you realize that the “starter” windows that came with your building just aren’t cutting it. While the basic windows that are initially installed on most properties serve their purpose most of the time, they typically leave a lot of room for improvement. 

If you’re tired of poor seals, dated materials, and tired curb appeal but are overwhelmed by the idea of the upgrading process, this post is for you. 

Below we’ll touch on some of the most common concerns that folks like you have while also touching on the benefits that come along with treating your space to an upgrade. 

Freshening up your space doesn’t have to be intimidating; it can be exciting! 

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Selecting Windows That’ll Work With Your Space

One of the biggest things that stops property owners from changing up their window situation is just the fact that they don’t know what windows will work. 

Can they change it up entirely, or do they have to find the right fit? 

If you find yourself in this boat, you’ll be pleased to know that our team of experts is happy to take questions with a free consultation tailored to your project…but more on that later! 

And if you aren’t sure what your options even are, we’ve put together an entire post detailing the different types of windows and how they can influence the rest of your space. 

At Portella, we specialize in expertly crafted steel windows – which offer flexibility in design and timeless aesthetics. When you work with us, our team can craft windows that are the perfect fit for the specs you need and the look you’re going for. 

Of course, each project is different, so it’s always best to speak to professionals directly before making a concrete decision on how to proceed with your upgrade. 

It’s worth noting that the most seamless projects are those where the new windows are of similar shape and size to the old, despite their more modern appearance and improved features. 

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The Typical Timeline 

If you feel like our windows could give your space the look you’re pining after; you won’t ever have to guess about where we stand in the manufacturing process. In fact, you’ll have a designated project manager filling you in every step of the way. 

In most cases, this is how it goes when clients work with us: 

  • Within five days, you’ll have your price estimate
  • Within two weeks, your draft drawings will be ready for you to scope out. If there are any requests for revisions, you’ll usually have those back within 48 hours tops. 
  • Once we have your approval, the manufacturing process will begin. Depending on which series of ours turns out to be the best fit, this takes anywhere from 16 to 19 weeks. All in all, most of the time, you’ll have your windows from us within five months of consultation. 

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Once Your Windows Are In the Hands of the Installer 

Again, it’s worth noting that this will change from project to project, but here’s a brief look at what most people can expect once they begin to work with a contractor to replace old windows with new, better windows. 

  • Setting the stage for the project, including laying down any protective coverings  to protect your building’s interior and exterior landscaping. 
  • Removing the previous windows, which, surprisingly, doesn’t take all that long in most situations. 
  • Next, the installation! Unless you are working with a totally new shape and size, the correct opening is already there and is typically fairly easy for a skilled contractor to work with. 
  • If the weather is cooperating, the prep, removal, reinstallation, and finishing touches are typically resolved in a few days at most, depending on the speed of the team you decide to work with and the size of the job. No need to worry about your home’s interior being exposed to the elements or compromised for extended periods of time when you’re working with skilled, efficient installers that you trust.

Selecting Windows

Can’t the Manufacture Install Them for Me? 

In some cases, yes, but this varies from company to company. 

While not all window manufacturers have designated installation staff, most will be happy to point you in the right direction when it comes time to find someone to tackle the installation.

Most window manufacturers, especially family owned companies or luxury companies want their products to flourish and be installed correctly, so don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation. 

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Why Take the Plunge?

  1. Superior climate control thanks to updated window technology. Did you know that all of our Thermal Steel Series Windows are NFRC Rated
  2. Luxury windows can drastically improve the look of a space with minimal effort on your part. Take a look at our gallery to see for yourself. 
  3. If you’re thinking of selling, or just want to improve your property value, top of the line windows can make it easy to accomplish. More often than not, it’s the seemingly little details that win potential buyers over. 

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Do You Need to be Present the Whole Time? 

It certainly wouldn’t hurt and if you can be you should

 It’s always best to work with people that you trust when it comes to projects that are sensitive and involve your living space, but due to supply and demand, it isn’t always possible to work with professionals that you know well. 

For this reason, and for the sake of being around to clarify and answer questions, you should plan on having some free time while you’re expecting workers to be present. This will go a long way in ensuring that you’re getting exactly the look and quality of installation that you’re going for. 

While you certainly don’t have to direct the show, especially if you have a team of people that know what they’re doing, it’s always good to be around on a project that your home is involved in.

Especially if you have pets and valuable items to keep an eye on. 

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Portella For Your Custom Windows 

We already touched on this above, but there’s a reason why our windows can be found all around the state of Texas and beyond. Our windows aren’t your average windows; they’re custom crafted out of premium steel by a team of experienced, multigenerational blacksmiths. 

Our production facility has been in a stream of continuous service for the past 18 years, boasting three generations of qualified blacksmiths. 

If you’re still feeling unsure, you might want to scope out this gallery of previous projects we’ve contributed to. 

All in all, our windows speak for themselves. 

Reach out for a consultation today to get the ball rolling on your remodel! 

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