Portella Pivot Hardware Partnership with FritsJurgens

April 27, 2021– Portella Steel Doors and Windows has announced a partnership with FritsJurgens to offer cutting-edge, self-closing pivot hinges, as an option for their customers to further customize their doors. Portella’s partnership with FritsJurgens reflects their continued commitment to design and quality when it comes to every component of their custom steel windows and doors. 

FritsJurgens is an award-winning design company located in the Netherlands and serving clients around the world. Their craftsmen believe in the timeless beauty of hidden perfection, and their passion for details has created some of the most innovative hinge systems on the market.

FritsJurgens revolutionary pivot hinges are nearly invisible, which gives doors a sleek, modern look to fit any aesthetic. These state-of-the-art hinges have been designed to have the pivot system built into the door to avoid any significant cutting of wood floors or concrete, unlike conventional pivot hinges.

This means that the pivot hinges appear essentially “hidden” to the naked eye.  They are very easy to install on new or retrofitted openings. Installation is much more straightforward and requires minimal floor infiltration. 

These FritsJurgen hinge systems can be electrified for security and controlled access and handicap accessibility. They can also have various features such as self-closing, soft close, different hold positions, and more depending on the door size and system. Paired with Portella’s variety of customized steel doors, you can create unique, attention-grabbing looks.

Portella is dedicated to creating beautifully crafted and stunning, yet functional designs for homes across the country. Our modern doors and windows are custom-made to fit your needs.


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