Outdated Bathroom Trends to Avoid When Remodeling

There have been significant shifts in bathroom design and decor in recent years. So you’ll want to avoid outdated bathroom trends the next time you consider doing a DIY bathroom remodel or professional bathroom renovation.

Portella’s custom steel shower doors are the perfect solution when it’s time to remodel. But you may want to enhance your bathroom even further. So don’t fret if you’re having difficulty finding a decor that works; we’re here to help.


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How Much Does a Bathroom Upgrade Cost?


Bathroom renovation costs vary widely depending on the extent of the upgrade. Repainting with trending bathroom paint colors and adding new towels and rugs is a low-cost update that freshens the look without making fundamental changes. However, a complete bathroom renovation costs an average of $10,000, and it’s not uncommon to see projects that are $35,000 or more. 

The best way to estimate how much it’ll take to turn your outdated bathroom into a trendy one is to calculate the size of the room and how many features you plan to upgrade. From there, you can find stylish options that fit within your budget.



How Can I Give My Bathroom a Fresh Design?


It’s simple to freshen up a stale bathroom without spending a significant amount of money. Start by cleaning and sanitizing all of your bathroom surfaces. Next, sort through your old cosmetics and first aid supplies, and throw away anything that’s past its expiration date. You can find handy guides for how long products last online. It’s amazing what a deep cleaning can do for a space.


How Can I Give My Bathroom a Fresh Design


Afterward, analyze your bathroom’s paint color. Lighting makes an enormous impact on how your bathroom looks, and replacing your fixture or changing light bulbs to different wattage or color temperatures can change how you feel about your bathroom and your reflection. If your bathroom has a double vanity, consider changing your large frameless mirror to two smaller framed mirrors. And don’t forget about the decor! Experiment by hanging art pieces or installing display shelves for attractive, easy-to-access toiletries.

In addition, you can consider adding plants and candles to create a spa-like environment. After all, coordinating soft goods like towels, rugs, and poufs develop a sense of luxury. You can make more significant changes by adding or replacing your cabinet hardware.


How Can I Give My Bathroom a Fresh Design?


How Should I Upgrade My Bathroom?


More extensive upgrades depend on the size of your bathroom. You can change your bathroom’s floor plan, but that could require plumbing and electrical work. If doing so, some options include moving or adding new high-end fixtures, positioning a freestanding tub, installing additional showerheads, and redesigning your shower. If you have a small bathroom, a toilet/sink combo utilizes form, function, and water conservation all in one space-saving setup.  


Image of a toilet sink in a decorated bathroom


What Are Common Outdated Bathroom Trends?


Even recent bathroom remodel trends can quickly become outdated. Often, this is because the designs proved to be impractical or difficult to manage. Oversized tubs have fallen out of favor as more homeowners focus on water conservation. Jetted tubs are less popular due in part to performance and maintenance issues. Although tub removal was all the rage in recent years, homeowners discovered they miss their bathtubs. So you might want to consider either keeping or replacing your tub.


What Are Common Outdated Bathroom Trends


Similarly, a floating sink may be attractive, but it deprives you of necessary bathroom storage. Cluttered bathrooms are out, and messy counters are unattractive. Storage is a must for a well-designed bathroom.

Chandeliers in the bathroom may feel extravagant, but they’re difficult to keep clean. Likewise, harsh “Hollywood-style” lights are unfriendly and unattractive. Bathroom lighting should be neither too bright nor too dim.


What Is Trending in Bathroom Design?


Bathroom trends today are user-friendly with clean lines. Easy to personalize and even easier to keep clean, now is a great time to renovate with style. 


custom steel doors for bathroom


Showers are a big bathroom focus, and a steam shower takes that focus to the next level. Portella’s steel and glass shower doors enable the rest of your bathroom design to sing. Functional and beautiful, Portella’s thermally-bonded zinc galvanized coating and multi-point locking systems prevent corrosion and moisture penetration. Each door is custom-built, allowing you to select etched or clear glass and the style and paint color that suits your bathroom.


Image of bathroom with tiled-in rug, also showing towels on heated towel rack


If you love a good soak, you’re in luck. Bathtubs are back in style, and the soaker tub is the latest trend. A freestanding soaker tub is a luxurious option for those with enough room.


Image of bathroom with soaker tub


Whether it’s your master bathroom or one for guests, a beautiful bathroom design augments your home’s character. What would you like in your dream bathroom? Let us know below!

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