Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Luxury Windows

Cleaning Luxury windows can be a hassle. There is a lot of room for error concerning the type of product or tools being used and the level of safety measures being taken. Before getting started on your project consider these elements of the process in order to execute it in the most effective way. 

Choosing the Incorrect Products

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Proper product use and how you use them can make or break the effectiveness of your project. This is one of the first mistakes of a window cleaning project and should be taken into consideration. In order to get the job done right with lasting results, it’s important to invest in cleaning products with a sense of quality. A higher-end, highly recommended product is Sprayway SW050 Glass Cleaner for $34.19. 

You may be familiar with the old vinegar and newspaper method. The facts are: cleaning with newspaper causes the ink to come off onto your hand. Even worse, it leaves streaks. All of that hard work for a not-very-clear window. 

It’s important to cut out waste producing products when possible. There are environmentally friendly products like these out there. Ecos Pro All-Purpose Cleaner is an affordable option priced at $6.10 for 32oz. This product is made from a rapidly renewable resource. Now that you have some options, you can avoid the mistake of purchasing low-quality or incorrect products. 

A Note On Cleaning Products

Cleaning Luxury Windows

When it comes to cleaning your windows, it’s a good idea to contact your window manufacturer for cleaning advice. Particularly if you have higher-grade windows or custom windows!

Many modern windows are designed with finishes on the frame or even the glass that might not mesh well with chemical cleaning agents. For example, here at Portella we recommend plain soap and water to help preserve the finish.

Additionally, accidentally scrubbing away the finish, or causing some other kind of damage to your window with cleaners could void your window’s warranty depending on the company, window, and warranties in question. So be sure to call first! Soap and water is usually a safe bet, but it never hurts to ask.

Using the Wrong Tools

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You won’t have to go to a high-end painting store and buy expensive painting tools. A simple tool such as a squeegee will get the job done. You can easily purchase this at your local hardware store along with a decent sized bucket and some average cleaner. Of course, these squeegees can range in price and design depending on the size of the project you want to tackle. The hardest part is mastering the proper way to use the squeegee. It seems easy enough but will take practice. 

Not Taking Any Safety Precautions

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One of the first mistakes that is rarely considered before beginning to clean exterior windows are the weather conditions. If it is too hot or windy, it won’t be a good day for cleaning. It may have just rained, the ground is likely slick and unsafe for the use of a ladder. Another mistake to avoid is not having a partner supervising large scale projects. 

Many people feel they can take on big projects alone although, if the windows you want to clean are over one-story high, it is recommended to call a professional. You should also reach out to a professional for skylight projects. What about stained glass? This type of window will need to be gently cleaned with a damp sponge and cloth. You will feel a lot better about carrying out this project knowing the safest way to execute it.

After reading these mistakes about window cleaning, anyone could tackle this project in the most effective way. Before you begin, consider the product you are going to choose, the proper tools for the job, and how to carry out the project in the safest manner. Always remember your limits. If a job seems too big, there are always several qualified local professionals that are available to assist you. 

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