How Architecture Affects Society

How Architecture Affects Society

A world without architecture would mean a society void of creative and functional building structures. How architecture affects society may seem unimportant in our daily lives. But that’s because we haven’t lived in a world without it.

Architecture has helped shape society by providing custom living spaces that give us comfort, good health, and safety. It also adds a sense of awe and intrigue to iconic structures throughout the world.


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The Importance of Architecture in Society


It’s hard to fathom how architecture affects society. Architecture is both an art and a science that allows us to marry what will work with culture and self-expression.

It’s helped shape society by providing us with countless new and innovative structures. As we continue to study architecture and how different design solutions contribute toward occupant health, mood, and productivity.

Architecture’s ability to promote innovation makes possible a future world where the environment and humans thrive. Below, we’ll explain how architecture increases efficiency and decreases our negative impacts on the environment moving forward.


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The Importance of Architecture in History


Since ancient times, architecture has been the driving force behind revolutionizing human living spaces. Incredible buildings displaying staggering diversity have stood throughout history, with practically every culture having a unique architectural style. Astonishingly, quite a few ancient structures still stand today.

Architectural engineering and construction have brought us many classical architectural styles. Those incorporating steel doors and windows are making a comeback today. These fixtures take inspiration from “rammed earth” design – an ancient construction method that uses compacted raw, natural materials.


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Whether reflecting on philosophy, social needs, or religion—architectural engineering and construction incorporates unique principles and aesthetics and brings them to life through design solutions.

The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence, Italy may be one of the greatest masterpieces in architectural history. The fact that this place still has such a profound influence on the world today, with millions flocking to see it with their own eyes every year, shows the importance of architecture in history.




The Importance of Architecture in Our Lives


Most buildings begin with the work of architects. With a seasoned architect at the helm, designing buildings that meet our needs for functionality, safety and creativity are possible. We don’t have to sacrifice reliability or the environment either.

These marvelous designs were made possible thanks to the work of an architect.




We often don’t think twice about a building’s design unless it poses a ground-breaking aesthetic that captures our attention. But many architects work subtly, designing rooms with particular purposes, such as promoting better occupant health, mood, and productivity.


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The Importance of Architecture in The Future


If humanity is to prosper for generations, we must address many modern housing issues. We all know the world is highly populated and growing more so. With shelter being a critical requirement for human survival, we must develop innovative and creative solutions to problems, including housing crises and a lack of clean, livable spaces in cities.

The impacts of architecture on the future are immense, especially regarding sustainability. Let’s look at what designing sustainable structures, aka Green Buildings, could look like.


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Green buildings are incredibly well-thought-out structures designed to reduce our carbon footprint. If we’ve learned anything throughout architectural history, it’s that modern highrise buildings aren’t very energy efficient or sustainable.

Green buildings are engineered to include “green” systems such as radiant floors, gray water recycling, solar power, geothermal systems, and energy-efficient window systems. They’re often also covered in foliage to aid oxygen production and CO2 reduction.


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Architecture Affects Society by Helping it Thrive


Remember the importance of architecture in society the next time you ask, “how does architecture affect us?”Architectural history has helped us create sanitation practices, public spaces, schools, and homes that keep our families safe and help us thrive.



At Portella, we know the importance of sound architectural engineering and construction. We understand how our predecessors have shaped the art and science of architecture today. More importantly, we’ve learned from their mistakes and are working on ways to correct common pitfalls in environmental impact. We value our responsibility to the craft and work toward designing steel doors and windows that are beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly.


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