Residential Architecture Trends: What They Are & Where They’re Going

Residential Architecture Trends: What They Are & Where They’re Going

Home architecture trends constantly change, which comes as no surprise. Residential architecture trends and styles will differ throughout each decade. This is no different than the trends we see in fashion and film. 

Whether the latest trend implemented into a home’s design is utility, modernity or obscurity will depend on the homeowner’s and architect’s culture, interests and style. 


modern house


Well-seasoned architects seamlessly design homes that incorporate modern design with the vision and style of their clients. They incorporate their expertise so your home follows residential architecture trends while also maintaining its integrity and resale value.

In this article, we’ll review the latest residential architecture trends to help you envision your new home, whether you are buying or building. 


wabi-sabi house


Current Residential Architecture Trends


There is one emerging trend when it comes to the future of housing architecture—sustainability. And it comes as no surprise that the latest trends are better for the planet. These eco-friendly design trends are the future of housing architecture

Sustainable Homes




Sustainability is the future of residential architectural design. However, eco-friendly homes often feel trendy and minimalistic to many. But they’re quite the opposite. Eco-friendly housing is one of the most complex home architecture trends born out of necessity, and it’s here to stay.

We are required to think more and more about how and where we live. Architectural design has a huge impact on the planet, and we need to consider building homes that maximize efficiency while taking little from the environment. 



Sustainable, eco-friendly design doesn’t equal boring homes—it is actually quite the opposite. Home architecture trends can follow a main idea, like sustainability, while including classical home features, architectural styles and incorporating vibrant home decor.

Some examples of sustainable building methods for modern homes that follow residential architecture trends include:


Rammed Earth


This incredibly popular building method has become a massive trend in architecture. Originally rising to popularity in the 1800s, rammed earth is a niche yet very effective way to build a sustainable home.

Rammed earth’s popularity has made a recent comeback. By using the earth found right on your own land, you minimize transportation requirements – that means fewer emissions, no commercial mining for resources, and a significant reduction in timber use.


Green Roofs


A Green Roof is essentially a roof that has greenery growing on it—whether it’s grass, foliage, or in some cases, trees.  This trend is becoming increasingly popular, as it not only looks awesome, but it puts stormwater to use and assists in the heating and cooling of the house. 


house with green roof


You may or may not have heard of “Green Roof” housing. However, you’re more likely to be familiar with the name  if you’ve spoken to an architect about wanting to build an eco-friendly home. This is one 


Tiny Homes


tiny home


Tiny houses have become one of the most popular residential architecture trends. They have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional houses, and they give the homeowner freedom in terms of design, location and permanency. 

They take up less land space and are usually solar-powered. Even when they use traditional energy sources, they still draw significantly less power from the grid, making them highly popular in the world of sustainable design.


What Is in Style for New Homes?


Steel Windows and Doors


portella steel windows


Homebuyers and renovators are starting to realize how important it is to have high-quality windows and doors. The recent boom in steel doors is clear evidence of this.

Several different kinds of issues are often a result of using outdated materials such as aluminum for windows and doors. Moisture gets into your home on cold nights and loss of warmth in the house.

Thermally-broken steel windows are an excellent alternative to cheaper, inferior options such as plastic or aluminum. Being thermally broken means that windows keep moisture out while keeping heat in.


Open Plan Living and Industrial Designs


industrial style house


The rustic-industrial look is an undeniably good aesthetic for home design. This style adds effortless character to your entire house, giving it an aged and elegant look. The use of steel and other metals is often implemented in these homes. See our architecture gallery for some excellent examples of rustic architectural designs.

Open-plan living spaces also help areas feel more spacious and inviting. Whether you’re knocking down walls during renovations to create more space or designing a house with open plan living spaces in mind, you’ll be increasing your home’s value by taking advantage of this prominent trend.


Future Housing Architectural Trends


Pre-Designed Homes


house with wood cladding


In the fast-paced modern world, pre-designed housing is becoming increasingly popular. Being able to simply open a catalog and select which house you would want to live in saves homebuyers time and effort. 

Reputable architects design most of these homes, meaning they aren’t just a quick-and-easy, affordable housing option. They are well-thought-out, practical homes with all the design features required for an excellent living space.


Indoor-Outdoor Flow




This is a trend that will shape the future of home architecture. We’re likely to see more living spaces being blended into outdoor spaces through features such as large windows or doors.

Residential architecture trends will likely change and develop over time. While sustainability is here to stay, how it’s applied will continue to evolve as we learn more about what works well and what doesn’t. 

Whether you’re building or buying your first home, it’s vital to consider hiring a professional architect that knows the lasting residential architecture trends so your home meets both modern and sustainable design. 

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