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Which is Better: Exterior Steel Doors or Aluminum Doors?

There are a lot of decisions involved in creating the look of your dream home. One of the most important factors is thinking about the type of impression you want to make with your exterior. Your front door is important – it is a nod to who you are and the type of home you have.

There are several materials that people trust for their residential front doors. Some of the most common are steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. While they all have their merits, steel entry doors are a sure way to add to your home’s aesthetic and value. Aluminum doors are also a popular choice for many homeowners. Here, we evaluate the pros and cons of steel entry doors and aluminum entry doors to help you decide which is right for you.

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What to Look For


When deciding on a door, there’s a lot to consider. Here are some of the most important factors to think about when making your choice between a steel front door and an aluminum entry door.

  • Customization: Will you be needing a custom entryway for a thin door frame? Does your creative vision involve special glass cutouts?
  • Durability: What material is your door made from? Will it last? How important is it for your door to be extra durable?
  • Energy-efficiency: Does your door keep energy costs low with a thermal break or another useful characteristic?
  • Weather: Do you live in an area with extreme weather? Is your home at risk for excessive water damage? Do you need extra protection such as a front door that is corrosion-resistant?
  • Security: Is security one of your major concerns? Is it a priority to keep intruders out?
  • Cost: How much do you want to spend on your front door?


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Custom Steel Entry Doors


The options for custom steel exterior doors are limitless. In addition to their utility, steel front doors for residential neighborhoods can make your home stand out — in a good way! Portella’s unique galvanizing technique for custom steel and glass doors can be specially ordered to match your aesthetic or to meet specific needs.

For example, if you have an oversized or nonstandard door frame, you will likely need a custom steel front door. If you live near a loud road or busy area, and soundproofing your home is important to you, a custom steel entry door can help keep the noise at bay.

Many people want their custom steel door to feature glass in a specially designed shape, which requires hiring experts who have spent years designing and assembling steel front doors with glass.


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Pros of Steel Entry Doors


There are many benefits to choosing a steel entry door. Steel front doors are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. A steel and glass front door looks both inviting and protective.

The energy efficiency of custom steel doors also makes them a smart choice. They are made with a foam core inside called a thermal break to reduce the conductivity of heat. These steel front doors help maintain temperatures inside the home, keeping energy costs low.

Steel entry doors are reasonably priced, last for many years, and require fewer repairs than doors made from other materials. Homeowners who want a door that does not require a lot of maintenance will be happy with a steel front door. Since steel is corrosion-resistant, it needs no extra protection from the elements other than a coat of paint. Steel front doors provide great long-term value.

They are also available in specially designed shapes to meet your aesthetic needs. Residential steel doors and frames can be customized according to your style preferences. One especially sleek option is custom stainless steel entry doors.

Steel front doors and steel entry doors are likely to deter criminals and provide extra security. Hard to penetrate, exterior steel doors are a good choice for preventing intruders. For a front door that is resistant to burglars, choose an exterior steel door.


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Cons of Steel Entry Doors


While exterior steel doors are some of the most affordable door options for your home, there are some drawbacks to exterior steel doors. Although they are durable, they also are vulnerable to general wear and tear and could be compromised by extreme weather like salt air or heavy rain.

Exterior steel doors can also dent with heavy use, and the damage can be difficult to fix. They can get scratched easily, which can sometimes lead to rust. Since they are difficult to stain, they need to be painted, which means that they may be prone to chipping.


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Aluminum Entry Doors


Aluminum entry doors are also a popular choice for homeowners. They are easy to find and buy because they are so easy to manufacture. They have a bit of an industrial look and feel to them, which many people prefer for a modern aesthetic.


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Pros of Aluminum Entry Doors


Aluminum entry doors can withstand extreme weather conditions. They do not rust, which makes them very low maintenance. They have excellent acoustic capabilities, which means they are sound-resistant and can help keep outside sounds from penetrating your home.

Aluminum entry doors require minimum maintenance, are very reliable, and are strong enough to last for decades. They are also recyclable, making them a great choice for homeowners who value sustainability.


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Cons of Aluminum Entry Doors


Aluminum entry doors cost more than steel front entry doors, and the price of metal is always changing. Also, since they are not quite as durable, sometimes more aluminum is necessary to make the door, which can further drive up the cost.

Since they are not quite as strong, they often require thicker door frames. Although aluminum entry doors do not rust, they can get stained by water, which can turn into corrosion and make the door look old or damaged.


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The Winner: Steel Entry Doors


While exterior steel doors and aluminum doors both have benefits and drawbacks, steel front entry doors are a better choice. Simply put, steel and glass doors look great. In addition to being much stronger than aluminum doors, they are weather and corrosion-resistant.


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Homeowners who want to keep energy costs low, secure their property, and invest in a door that doesn’t require much maintenance, will be happy with the versatility and durability of residential steel doors. There is simply no better material than steel for front doors in residential areas. Choose exterior steel doors for a cost-effective and reliable door that will perfectly accent your home.

What has been your experience with steel front entry doors? What is your favorite look for a home’s entryway? Reply below!

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