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Easy Ways to Maintain Steel Doors and Windows

There are so many advantages to luxury steel doors and windows, but at the top of the list is that they require little maintenance. However, minimal steel door and window maintenance is not the same as no maintenance. 

To protect your investment and the design of your home, it’s essential to know just how much steel door maintenance is required. Additionally, you should take preventative measures against damage that could occur should you neglect your steel door maintenance routine. 


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Steel doors and windows are premier luxury options for your home or business. Their durability and energy efficiency make them a top contender for those looking for permanent, long-term fixtures in their space. However, the only way to ensure these benefits can be enjoyed for their entire lifespan is to regularly keep up with steel door maintenance. Let’s examine simple measures you can take to upkeep your steel door and window maintenance. 


5 Key Tips to Stop Exterior Steel Doors From Rusting


Create a Maintenance Log of Any Issues Or Signs of Wear


While steel doors and windows require minimal maintenance, it is vital to keep records of any steel door maintenance repairs. Parts to check for recommended steel door maintenance are: 

  • Glass
  • Hardware
  • Weatherstripping
  • Panel
  • Frame
  • Threshold

Keeping a vigilant eye on the components of your steel doors and windows will prolong their energy efficiency and lifespan, thus protecting your investment. While luxurious steel windows and doors may look like works of art, it’s crucial to remember the function they serve. Even pieces of art need tending to now and then. That’s where routine steel door maintenance comes into play.


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A steel door maintenance log will come in handy should any more significant issues arise. You will have information at-the-ready to assist your repair team in finding the problem and fixing it swiftly.

For example, is the house key getting stuck in the door? Are you seeing signs of rust on the steel frame? Do the hinges have unwanted resistance? These are all things worthy of note that could help your steel door maintenance repair team assess and address any problems that could arise. Doing so will help you discern whether your steel doors and windows require repair or if it’s time to replace your current doors and windows. 


Look For Signs of Rust Or Denting on Your Steel Doors & Windows


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With traditional wood doors, many factors can contribute to the loss of structural integrity. For example, your traditional wood door could warp in areas with extreme weather conditions and changes. This causes the seal of wooden window frames and doors to become ineffective and compromised. 

It also means that wood doors and window frames could become waterlogged, holding in fluid or moisture from rain or snowstorms. Water retention can cause more significant issues down the line, such as mold growth in the areas surrounding your doors and windows.

Thankfully, steel doors and windows won’t succumb to the elements like their wooden counterparts. But while these fixtures aren’t prone to warping or retaining water, steel windows and doors are susceptible to rust.


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Steel doors and windows are incredibly durable; some say they are the most durable doors and windows available for homes and businesses. The only factors you will need to safeguard against when practicing steel door maintenance are rust and dents in the frame, panel, and hardware. 

The best steel door maintenance is always to act quickly, even if the rust, corrosion, or dent is minimal. However, problems such as these can lead to much more significant issues down the line, so be sure to stay consistent with your steel door maintenance. 

A tip to prevent exterior steel door rust is to ensure extra moisture doesn’t remain on your steel doors and windows for an extended time. If you notice excessive moisture and condensation on your steel doors, remove them with a soft cloth. Additionally, wipe your doors and windows with a soft cloth following seasonal changes or a bout of inclement weather. 

Another step to add to your steel door maintenance routine is regularly washing your steel doors and windows. We suggested cleaning them with non-harsh or abrasive chemicals once a month. If you live in an area with extreme weather, you may want to increase how often you clean your steel doors and windows.   


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Check Steel Doors & Windows’ Weatherstripping Regularly


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What is weatherstripping? It is the linchpin of your steel windows and doors’ energy efficiency. This gasket surrounding your doors and windows creates a seal against the elements and stops heat transfer in the home. Weatherstripping can be made from numerous different materials, and they can wear down with time and use. 

Steel door maintenance isn’t complete without routinely checking the weatherstripping of your steel doors and windows. If the door or window’s weatherstripping begins to lose elasticity or fracture, the energy efficiency of your steel doors and windows will plummet. Adding this practical step to your steel door maintenance routine is paramount to protecting your steel doors and windows investment. 


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Take Immediate Action if Glass Imperfections Appear in Your Steel Doors and Windows


If your steel doors or windows have glass panes, it’s imperative to check them regularly as part of your steel door maintenance routine. Even the smallest crack or knick can turn into a broken panel with the slightest pressure. 


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Areas most at risk for glass cracks and knicks in your home are areas with extreme temperature shifts. This could range from your entrance door to the steel windows in your bathroom, which emits a high amount of humidity in a very brief time when showering and bathing. Therefore, it is vital for your steel door maintenance that you know how to gently clean any glass components of your steel doors and windows. 


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Should your glass window component get damaged, it is crucial to take action as soon as possible. A damaged seal can expose your home to the elements and render your steel doors and windows vulnerable to outside forces. 


How Will You Implement Steel Door Maintenance in Your Home?


Now that we have given you some handy tips for steel door maintenance, how do you plan to add these steps to your routine? We at Portella believe in marrying beauty and function to create functional art. Therefore, the best way to protect your artistic steel doors and windows is by regularly going through your steel door maintenance steps. Let us know if you would add any steps in the comments below!

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