Best Time of Year to Build Homes/Install New Major Fixtures

Building a new home or fixture to your existing home can be an exciting project to take on. 

If you’re in the planning stage or are just considering the idea, you’ll want to make sure all aspects of the build go smoothly- that includes making sure you’re building it under the best circumstances and best time of year.

when to to build home


In some aspects, this depends on where you live. Where you live will impact how hot or cold it is- when you don’t mind spending time outside and the times that the weather is so bad that you’d rather not be outdoors.

For many, the sweet spot for new home building or adding fixtures is spring, but springtime can look drastically different depending on where you live. If you live in the north, it’s often still cold and not ideal for renovations or new builds. In other places, spring brings the slightly warm but not too warm air that begs to be enjoyed outdoors, making it perfect for any project.

Best Time of Year to Build Homes

On the other hand, utilizing winter for planning to start fresh in the spring can be a great tactic if you’re building something that requires the ground to be softer. But you’ll run into issues with it being in extreme temperatures if you live in an area where you get very cold weather. Other areas don’t have to worry too much about cold temperatures as often.

Benefits of Winter Home Building

During summer, you’ll always generally expect hot weather but one good thing about doing projects during summertime is the extended daylight hours. However, if days get too hot, you might be forced to call it for the day, delaying progress. Though, the same can be said for rainy days any time of the year or extreme-cold days during winter months. 

House building in hot dry climate

Climate and Location

But the planning of  a new addition or build shouldn’t only be determined based on the weather. The seasons and temperatures are too short to complete big builds so it’s not  reliable. 

Everything really boils down to your location.

best time for house building

For example, in midwestern states, an ideal time to start construction is during cold winter months simply because the ground is better for digging foundations and pouring footers due to the more solid, frozen ground. 

This is in comparison to spring, when the weather is more rainy, therefore the ground is softer and muddy. Plus, in spring you run the risk of more frequent spring showers canceling or delaying a day of work.

Climate and Location for house building

Other Factors

Another aspect to consider is when builders have more availability. Tax season in spring drives up the demand for builders, while winter is when less people are considering home renovations or building new homes, especially around the holiday season.

Spring is thought of as the “home building season” but this has more to do with tax refunds and beginning of the new year goals more so than any real reason spring is better for building. Though that alone is appealing to some and can influence what would make that the best time of year for your build.

main time factors for house building

Additionally, it depends on what you’re adding on. While home builds need a longer planned building timeline, other fixture additions can have a bit more freedom with when they’re built. If you are, for example, wanting to add a deck or patio, those are great to work on during springtime because the ground will be softer. 

If you’re looking for minor new home additions like remodeling a room or kitchen or installing new, customized steel doors and windows that can be done quickly and the time of year has hardly any impact. 

how to choose steel doors

Keep in mind, when you’re working that if you have a longer timeline like for a new home or bigger fixture or addition, consider when you’d ideally like them to be completed. If you need them done by the holidays or a certain event, it’s best to keep in mind from the start when you’d need it to be completed. For some, whatever start date will solidify that ideal finish date is the best time of year to start their project.

home builds

Ultimately, there is no perfect time of year for building a new home or addition, and it all comes down to what you’re building and what is best for your, your budget and your time. Just make sure to stay on top of your planning and make sure your schedule is up to date and lines up with what you’re expecting and desire from your project.

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