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Austin Shower & Sauna Doors

Our custom-built steel shower and sauna doors allow people to transform their bathrooms, taking them from afterthoughts to sleek, aesthetically pleasing spaces. Whether you’re looking to give your current space a refresh or building new, our timeless steel designs age beautifully and will blend effortlessly with whatever emerging design trends catch your eye.

Our stainless steel does more than look great, it’s resistant to corrosion and provides an unparalleled level of durability. Combined with our high-quality glass, our shower and sauna doors offer bold, stylish accents with a level of practicality that’s hard to match. If you’re looking for shower doors in Austin that are a step up in quality, our line of custom doors is sure to leave you feeling impressed.

bathroom door portella

Technical Specifications

Below you’ll find the specs that give our custom doors in Austin such a strong foundation  

  • Stainless Steel
  • Single Glazed
  • Glass: Cardinal Clear or Stain Etch, tempered
  • Spacer: Dark Bronze
  • Glass Thickness 1/4″ overall
  • Glazing Orientation: Exterior Wet Glazed
  • Simulated Lite construction with 1″ muntin barsSill: Custom brass height varies per floor requirements
  • Hinges: Adjustable steel post in barrel with ball bearing
  • Available in standard and custom paint options
  • Continuous steel mounting flanges with orientation options

Austin Shower / Sauna Details

At Portella, our made to order shower doors build on the foundation of our base specs listed above. With the addition of custom finishes, you can get just the look you’re going for without having to compromise or sacrifice functionality. Our classic black steel continues to be our most popular offering, which is no surprise given its ability to seamlessly flow with a variety of other color schemes, but you’ll also be able to choose from options like gunmetal and bronze. 

Additionally, you’ll have a couple of glass options to choose from including wet glazed cardinal clear and stain etch ¼” tempered glass. We also offer a multipoint locking system and thermally bonded coating, which works to prevent corrosion and moisture penetration. 

Portella currently manufactures two lines of custom shower doors and glass:

  • Thermally Broken  – Our thermally broken line of shower and sauna doors does more than prevent corrosion. It offers premium control over temperature stability and climate, keeping the moisture and heat where you want it and increasing energy efficiency. 
  • Classic – Our classic line of shower and sauna doors offers seamless, modern style perfect for any minimalist that wants a clean look without compromising aesthetics. 

Our custom doors are great for other temperature-controlled environments too, like wine cellars! 

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How to Order

We move through our manufacturing process in accordance with the unique specifications and requirements of your project. Right off the bat, you’ll be connected to a personal project manager that will be with you from beginning to end. They’ll work with you to select the best product line for your space in terms of functionality and design, answering any questions you have about the process along the way. 

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