Storefront Exterior Multi Sliding Door
Style: SFE7200

People flow freely to and from interior to exterior spaces through the large-scale frames of oversized sliding glass doors from Portella. Blur the indoor-outdoor boundary with an elegant, gliding horizontal operating panel working seamlessly with a stationary panel. With our sliding doors, larger rooms open wider while creating a pass-through picture frame to patios or terraces, all while preserving precious floor space.

Diagram of Portella Storefront Exterior Multi Sliding Door

Storefront Exterior Multi Sliding Door

Style: SFE7200
  • Carbon Steel
  • Double glazed
  • Glass: Cardinal 366 over Clear tempered
  • Spacer: Dark Bronze
  • Glass Thickness 7/8” overall
  • Glazing Orientation: Exterior Wet Glazed
  • True divided lite construction with 1 ¼” muntin bars
  • Stainless steel floor track, carriage wheel assembly and top guide assembly
  • Door Lock: Accurate or Rocky Mountain sliding door fush bolts with edge pulls and lock
  • Steel Pocket Frame finished on interior included
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Storefront Exterior Multi Sliding Door


  • Black
  • Dark Bronze
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Gun Metal
  • Pewter
*Patina finishes available upon request.


  • Rocky Mountain
*Others by approval.

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