Out-Swing Double Casement Window
Style: C 2200

Portella pairs precision engineering with elegant design to create a French casement steel window that brings your architectural vision to life. Sealed all the way around, our windows don’t make you choose between performance and energy efficiency. Hinged on the outside with no center mullion, the independent sashes give you a clear view as they push open like a French door and stay open with stay bars and latches, bringing the outside in.

Diagram of Portella Out-Swing Double Casement Window

Out-Swing Double Casement Window

Style: C 2200
  • Carbon Steel (available in Stainless Steel option)
  • Double glazed (single and triple available)
  • Glass: Cardinal 366 over clear tempered
  • Spacer: Dark Bronze
  • Glass Thickness 5/8” overall
  • Glazing Orientation: Exterior Wet Glazed
  • True divided lite construction with 1 ¼” muntin bars
  • Double casement designed with fixed center astragal
  • Hinges: Adjustable steel post in barrel w ball bearing
  • Window Lock: Latch sash lock
  • Window Operation: Stay bar
  • Available in standard and custom paint options: grey, pewter, gun metal, chestnut brown, dark bronze and black
  • Continuous steel mounting flanges with orientation options
  • Minimum size 24” width 12” height
  • Maximum size 72” w x 96” height
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Out-Swing Double Casement Window


  • Pewter
  • Gun Metal
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
*Patina finishes available upon request.


  • Window Latch

  • Stay Bar
*Others by approval.

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