Steel Office Doors with Window

Bringing Portella’s signature quality and customization to the office, our line of luxury office doors with window fixtures offers a clean, professional look for the modern boardroom, meeting spaces, and office at large. Featuring the same energy efficiency and sleek sightlines of our steel doors and windows, every product we build is designed to last and suit the specifications of your unique project.

steel office doors with window


In order to meet the highest standards, we construct our steel doors and windows with the best materials available and fabricate everything ourselves. Thanks to our rigid adherence to these standards, we’ve achieved ASTM, NFRC, and AAMA certifications through third-party testing and trials. That means our doors are designed to safely stand the test of time, weather, or anything else thrown at them. 

Fully Customized

As with all of our products, our line of luxury interior doors can be customized fully to fit your office or project. We have several product lines that offer a base level of choice, from the Classic line which highlights functionality and aesthetics to the Thermally Broken line that offers a high degree of energy efficiency and is perfect for offices and businesses in regions with notable shifts in weather.

Of course the product line itself isn’t the only factor. Our doors are built and fabricated according to your project’s specifications, which means we can design them to fit into any space and combine different elements to match the exact aesthetic that you’re looking for. Our office door with window fixture setup offers the best in privacy, open sightlines, and beautiful design with the option to open the windows and keep the office comfortable. 

Looking for a particular size beyond the standard sizing options, or want a unique configuration of doors, windows, or other fixtures? Our project managers can help you every step of the way as you design your perfect set of doors and windows.

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steel office doors with window
commercial office doors with windows houston

Architect’s Choice

Designing an office interior comes with a lot of questions. How do you choose a design that offers security, beautiful design, and quality construction? It’s important to have materials and components that not only present a professional and appealing face, but also offer a full spectrum of functionality that keeps the office in question safe and comfortable. 

Portella’s luxury steel office doors and windows are the answer. From a design perspective, our steel doors offer a stunning and unique visual appeal. Narrow sightlines, sleek black steel and glass visuals, and a sturdy construction offer a clean and modern look to your office. Combining fixed steel and glass window walls with any number of door styles, from traditional to swing out, gives your office a distinct style that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Unlike standard glass doors on thin aluminum frames, our steel construction and design also allows for increased security and comfort within the office. Our NFRC rated glass and steel construction makes for incredible energy efficiency, and the steel frames allow for traditional locking mechanisms that aren’t usually an option with glass-only doors.

commercial office doors with windows houston
steel office doors and windows

Portella Difference

Since the beginning, Portella has developed products with the quality architects look for in steel doors and windows. As we expand our product lines to include things like luxury office doors and more, we’re committed to preserving that same quality and dedication to delivering unique and long lasting designs:

  • With our thermally broken profile patent, we’re able to provide our trademark narrow-profile sightlines, something our competition just can’t do.
  • Factory-installed glass with Low-E options allows for maximum energy efficiency.
  • We provide NRFC-rated, thermally broken, laser fusion-welded and cold-rolled steel options.
  • Our designs are engineered and third-party tested.
  • Our wet-glazed glass glazing system eliminates moisture penetration, the perfect solution for Houston humidity.
  • One point communication with Portella project managers means you’ll always speak to a real person who understands you and your project.
steel office doors and windows
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best steel windows houston tx