Make Your Bathroom A True Sanctuary with Steel and Glass Doors for your Shower or Sauna

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Enjoy Relaxing Warmth With Thermally Broken Steel Sauna Doors

In Torrance, Portella offers two lines of glass sauna and shower doors. Unlike frameless shower doors, our thermally broken steel sauna doors insulate and trap heat. Specially designed for high water contact, Portella’s thermally-bonded zinc galvanizing technique offers a corrosion-resistant coating that is unique in the industry. 

With the unmatched insulation provided by thermally broken steel sauna doors, you’ll be able to fully control the temperature of your sauna or shower enclosure. Even for an outdoor sauna, the heat will not escape, ensuring your utmost comfort. And remember that every one of Portella’s steel and glass sauna doors made for Torrance homeowners can be custom sized to frame your shower or sauna perfectly.

Specifications for Thermally Broken Doors

Our thermally broken steel sauna doors in Torrance are: 

  • NFRC rated to determine energy performance
  • Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, and corten finishes
  • Have thermally broken frames and sashes to eliminate condensation and frost while withstanding high temperatures of up to 200 degrees C
  • Made with laser fusion welded steel profiles
  • Available in double and triple glazing
  • Have 1 1/8” insulated glass units installed by the factory
  • Offer locking systems at multiple points prevent moisture penetration 
  • Come standard with thermally-bonded zinc galvanized corrosion resistant coating
sauna glass door
sauna glass doors

Steel and Tempered Glass Doors for Showers or Saunas

In Torrance, when escaping the hustle and bustle at the end of a long day, there’s nothing more inviting than a shower, nothing more luxurious than a sauna. Glass doors in your Torrance bathroom should welcome you into a space of warmth and relaxation.

Give your bathroom a light and airy feel with tempered glass and black stainless steel. Steel shower doors will elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic with a clean and polished look, thanks to slender steel frames and transparent glass panels.

Your sauna is your sanctum, and a steel-framed sauna with glass doors offers the most luxurious feel. Choose the right custom steel and glass sauna doors and in Torrance, your bathroom will feel larger and more open as the California sunshine filters in.

If you’re ready to heighten the style of your bathroom with a glass sauna or stainless steel bathroom doors, in Torrance, our experienced project managers will help you bring your vision to life. Whether you frame your shower with custom-sized stainless steel or choose steel and tempered glass doors for your sauna, you will be comfortable — and your guests will be impressed.

sauna glass doors
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Choose Classic Steel and Glass Sauna Doors for a Contemporary Look

In Torrance, the second line of glass and steel shower and sauna doors offered by Portella is our classic line. The clean blend of steel and glass is specially engineered, giving a minimalist and contemporary look. There are many options for steel and glass sauna doors in Torrance. 

Many customers choose black metal and glass for their shower or sauna doors, known for their clean lines and modern design. Black steel framed shower or sauna doors can also be designed to give a bold and industrial feel. Our steel and glass sauna doors in Torrance carry a 15-year limited warranty on steel and a 10-year limited warranty on glass.

Specifications for Classic Glass Doors

Our steel and tempered glass sauna doors in Torrance have:

  • Proprietary in-house fabricated slender profiles
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel options
  • Windows and doors that are factory glazed with Low-E glass
  • Divided lite construction with 1 1 /4” muntin bars
  • Increased structural integrity and moisture protection thanks to continuous steel mounting flanges
  • Mortise locking hardware standard and custom hardware options available
  • Integrated naval brass thresholds
  • Thermally-bonded zinc galvanizing corrosion resistant coating
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Safe and Durable Tempered Glass Doors

In Torrance, our tempered glass doors for saunas or showers are a top choice for bathrooms due to their safety features. Tempered glass is extremely strong and resistant to shattering, making it both popular — and useful — in bathroom design. If the glass does happen to break, it will fall as blunted chunks rather than shards of tiny glass. 

Paired with stainless or black steel shower doors; your Torrance design expert will help you design a chic glass shower that is also secure.

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Choose a Stylish Modern or Rustic Look with Custom Black Steel Framed Shower Doors

Our Torrance area design experts can help you style your bathroom to match the aesthetic of your home, whether you prefer for a modern or rustic look. Not only reserved for showers, black steel is versatile, complimenting classic white subway tile, majestic slabs of marble, or wooden slats lining a sauna.  

Create bold lines with black steel for your shower, available with slim or thicker profiles. For black steel shower doors in Torrance, reach out to our designers to create a custom size and look.

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The Portella Difference

Portella offers unique, custom steel and glass door solutions for saunas and showers. There are many reasons why we stand out from competitors for steel and glass shower and sauna doors in Torrance.  Here are just a few:

  • Our glass is factory glazed and of the utmost quality, preventing moisture penetration.
  • Our finishes, which range from gunmetal to dark bronze, gray to chestnut brown, are durable and long-lasting. We apply every layer onto the raw steel ourselves, we don’t use a third party to apply our zinc galvanize or paint coats. 
  • Every project has its own project manager to work with you and meet your unique needs. This person will work with you from start to finish until your dream design is achieved, whether that’s a black steel shower door or a custom-sized stainless steel shower door.
  • Our brand is built on trust, knowledge, and expertise. Our family-owned business has been around since 1999, and we enjoy making customers happy by installing steel doors for bathrooms in Torrance.
  • Our steel doors are made from 100% recyclable, durable steel because we are committed to being as green as possible.

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