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Stunning Steel French Doors

With steel french doors from Portella, you can open up a world of possibilities. Often seen on a terrace overlooking vineyards, mountains, or a European cityscape, these double doors are a classic and stylish look. Available as interior or exterior doors, you can add a uniquely gorgeous touch to the aesthetics of your home.

Built with sturdy steel and designed to offer a chic look with a variety of finishes, our steel french doors bring together the usual Portella quality. Overlapping aesthetics and practicality, these doors are built to last, help maintain your home’s comfort, and provide a distinct view through narrow sightlines.

modern front doors
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Technical Specifications

With over three generations of combined experience, our blacksmiths are responsible for creating every product we produce. Forged to provide the maximum in comfort and durability, we use high grade steel, double glazed glass, and modern construction techniques.


Other specifications include: 


  • Carbon Steel (available in Stainless Steel option)
  • Double glazed (single and triple available)
  • Glass: Cardinal 366 over clear tempered
  • Spacer: Dark Bronze
  • Glass Thickness 7/8” overall
  • Glazing Orientation: Exterior Wet Glazed
  • True divided lite construction with 1 ¼” muntin bars
  • Hinges: Adjustable steel post in barrel w ball bearing
  • Door Lock: Rocky Mountain trim with Accurate mortise lock. 1 ¾”backset.
  • Flushbolt on inactive door top and bottom
  • Sill: Custom brass height varies per floor requirements
  • Available in standard and custom paint options: grey, pewter, gun metal, chestnut brown, dark bronze and black
  • Continuous steel mounting flanges with orientation options

Portella’s Superior Quality for French Doors with Transom

For over 20 years, Portella has been crafting doors and windows of exceptional quality, this product being no exception. Our french doors are made from very durable steel, held in place with bronze hardware and finished in pewter, bronze, black or a custom finish that we can create just for you. They come along with the strong Portella reputation and are supported by our partnership with Rocky Mountain, a company known for quality hardware that works well with our own products.


Fixed Sidelites and Transom


Beautiful enough on their own, a pair of french doors could never look better than when paired with sidelights and transom. Sidelites, also known as sidelights, are a set of extra windows appearing at the sides of the doors, which allow for more light to stream into the room and create a more inviting atmosphere. A transom, the window just above the top of the door fixture, adds an appealing touch that will really make your french doors stand out. Our quality french doors all allow for optional fixed, meaning they can’t be opened, sidelights and transom windows.

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How to Order

Ordering your own custom steel french doors is easy. Reach out to us, and we’ll be able to answer any questions you have, take the details about how you’d like to customize your order, and help you organize how your order will fit into any current architectural projects you have going on.

After covering the basics, all orders are assigned a personal project manager to oversee your order step by step. To ensure that all customers have the best experience possible, your project manager will continue to be available for questions throughout the entire process.

Your project manager will work with you to ensure that you’re getting the best designs and materials for your build. Once this step is finished, a design for your door setup will be drafted, and you’ll receive a quote once we come up with something that you like.

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The Benefits of Portella Steel French Doors

  • Sustainability – Our products are 100% recyclable so there’s zero waste.
  • Aesthetics – The narrow sightlines and minimalistic nature of our designs create a stunning visual appeal.
  • Quality – Master blacksmiths, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and individually assigned design specialists ensure every project is a stunning success.
  • Price – Every stage of the process is retained in-house. That avoids any additional markup and keeps the cost of your steel french doors down.
  • Custom-fit – We produce custom sizes, shapes and configurations to suit virtually any application.
  • Superior climate durability – Portella metal windows and doors are designed specifically to meet the climatic demands of your state, region, or climate.
  • Energy efficiency – All windows and glass fixtures are NFRC-rated and exceed all energy efficiency requirements.
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