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Shower & Sauna Doors in New York

Find the perfect cross of aesthetic design and functional construction with Portella’s steel shower and sauna doors. Built with sleek, slender steel frames and clear glass panels, our shower doors allow light to flow through and expand your bathroom without sacrificing a clean, modern look. Built with durability in mind, our shower and sauna doors in New York use stainless steel to prevent corrosion and a thermally broken process to maintain temperatures and resist moisture penetration. Design your perfect bathroom and enjoy the appeal of stark, steel lines and glass that both complement your interior design and stand out as a bold visual accent.

Custom-built steel and glass shower doors bring out the space in a bathroom, offering a practical and durable shower door without losing the aesthetic and look of a well designed room. Portella is to help people realize their architectural visions through design and high-quality steel doors and windows.

bathroom door portella

Technical Specifications

Our steel panel shower doors meet the highest quality specifications which include: 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Single Glazed
  • Glass: Cardinal Clear or Stain Etch, tempered
  • Spacer: Dark Bronze
  • Glass Thickness 1/4″ overall
  • Glazing Orientation: Exterior Wet Glazed
  • Simulated Lite construction with 1″ muntin barsSill: Custom brass height varies per floor requirements
  • Hinges: Adjustable steel post in barrel with ball bearing
  • Available in standard and custom paint options
  • Continuous steel mounting flanges with orientation options

New York Shower / Sauna Details

A variety of custom paint and finish options allows for flawless style matching for your unique interior design. A classic black steel look is popular, but we also offer custom finishes and paint options including gun metal, chestnut, dark bronze, or pewter.

Featuring an option for wet glazed Cardinal Clear or Stain Etch ¼” tempered glass, and a multi-point locking system, these shower doors are built to be attractive and functional. Their durability is further enhanced with a thermally-bonded zinc galvanizing coating to ensure that your sauna or shower are free of moisture penetration and corrosion.  

Portella currently manufactures two lines of custom shower doors and glass:

  • Thermally Broken  – A thermally-bonded zinc galvanizing corrosion resistant coating helps our doors and windows regular temperature, resist climatic environments, and maintain superior energy efficiency.
  • ClassicClassic lines blend steel and glass, engineered to fit seamlessly with minimalist contemporary architecture.

Our custom steel doors and glass walls are ideal for temperature controlled rooms and spaces, like wine cellars. Not only will these installations add a beautiful, sleek design to the room, they’re flexible and durable which makes them excellent options for a variety of unique applications.

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How to Order

Portella orders are custom made based on your specifications and project requirements. You’ll be connected to a personal Project Manager at the beginning of your order, and they’ll take the details of your project and help you find or design a product that fits. Your Project Manager will serve as your single point of contact from the beginning of your order all the way to when it ships out. Read more about the order process and timelines here.

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