Custom Wooden Windows: Upgrade Your Home, Naturally

Tailored wooden windows for high-end builds

Elevate projects with the timeless beauty and outstanding performance of our custom wooden windows. With a team of dedicated Project Managers, you’ll meet the demand requirements of discerning clientele. 

Decades of experience working with architects, builders, and homeowners leads our practice. A personal project manager will guide you through the design process, ensuring your vision becomes your reality.

The commitment we have to quality is evident in every detail. From sustainably sourced materials to expert finishing, we create windows designed to last a lifetime.

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Our windows combine meticulous craftsmanship, energy-efficient design, and the warm welcome of natural wood. 

Choose from a wide variety of wood species, hardware options, and configurations to achieve a truly distinctive look that compliments your project’s unique aesthetic.

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Bespoke wooden windows for your particular needs

Your projects deserve streamlined solutions. Portella offers flexible options tailored to your specifications, minimizing lead times and on-site challenges. 

We understand construction timelines can be tight. That’s why our streamlined production process reduces delays, keeping your project on schedule.

Our knowledgeable team collaborates with you at every stage,  ensuring precision builds and exceeding client expectations. 

From historic renovations to ambitious contemporary designs, Portella’s custom wood windows add an undeniable touch of luxury unmatched by standard offerings.

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How to Order

We move through our manufacturing process in accordance with the unique specifications and requirements of your project. Right off the bat, you’ll be connected to a personal project manager that will be with you from beginning to end. They’ll work with you to select the best product line for your space in terms of functionality and design, answering any questions you have about the process along the way. 

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