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Are Pocket Doors a Good Idea?

If you are renovating or designing a home, then the choice of interior doors is essential, both in design and placement. Pocket doors are one style of door that may not be top of mind when considering new interior doors.  Older homes and homes with a small interior footprint often use pocket doors to save […]

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Can You Mix Interior Door Styles?

You might be surprised to realize how much of your home’s space is taken up by interior doors. Your home probably has bedroom doors, closet doors, utility room doors, bathroom room doors, and many other types of interior doors throughout the space.  Given the number of doors in your home’s interior, you should consider aesthetically […]

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Designer’s Restoration and Addition on Her Childhood Home

Perched on Bainbridge Island overlooking Seattle, designer Taylor Ogle takes on her most challenging project. Her number one task was getting the entire family comfortable with her design plan. Her mother prefers a clean contemporary aesthetic, while her stepdad is quite traditional. Piecing together two different styles in this Norman–style house, meant pleasing both parents. […]

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