Adolphus Hotel (Dallas, TX) Window Walls

Located off of Commerce St. in Downtown Dallas, TX – The Adolphus Hotel is a historic hotel that originally opened it’s doors in 1912.

The photos below are of the entry way to the hotel, which features Portella Storefront Interior window walls and steel doors.   The Storefront Series has been developed for commercial projects and projects with tight budget constraints.  The Interior Storefront series is perfect when exterior climate issues are not an issue.  The series features Portella’s signature wet glaze system and narrow slender sight lines.


Modern Office Space



Santa Barbara, California

Large expanses of pivot door panels make a dramatic backdrop to this home located in Santa Barbara overlooking the ocean. The system was designed with integrated seals and stops, which eliminated the need of vertical structural supports (columns between the panels).

Roof Panels – Brian Bailey Homes, Inc

Steel and glass roof panels
20′ x 13′ glass panels were fabricated for a sprawling 26,000 sqft residence in Austin, Texas. Designed by corner stone architects and built by brian bailey homes, inc. Each panel weighs over 4,000 lbs. and

Bainbridge Island, Seattle Washington


Large expanses of fixed steel windows and swing steel doors were specified by the Architect of this stunning classic residence. Portella specializes in large size openings. Our solid steel profiles allow wide and tall expanses to be built without having to site mull. This also avoids large muntin divisions.

Santa Barbara Ranch Style Home

Portella provided all the exterior steel doors and windows on the beautiful Santa Barbara Ranch style home located in Southern California.
Architecture: Friehauf Architects
Builder: Mulvey Custom Builders, Doug Mulvey [email protected]
Door and Window Consultant: Bob Olliver [email protected], 858-792-7574

Portella Steel Doors and Windows – 877-263-8851 or 512-263-8851

Steel Sliding Doors – Double Horn Ranch Texas

Large sliding steel doors obscure the boundary brining the outdoors inside and allowing guests to flow freely from interior living space to exterior.

Architect – Shiflet Group Architects | Austin Texas

Stock Inventory – Portella Steel Doors and Steel Windows

The following units are currently available and ready for shipment:
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Custom Steel Windows

Why choose Portella?

Our steel windows exceed all industry standards so they are not only beautiful—they are built to last.

Portella Windows feature:
– Narrow sight lines
– Dual, factory glazed in a controlled environment
– Deep steel divisions allow for thicker glazing combinations and improved energy values
– A continuous 1/4″ x 3″ steel mounting flange and flashing for increased structural integrity and moisture protection
– Insulated, Low-E glass meets current energy rating requirements and UV protection
– Three factory finish options: dark bronze, steel gray, charcoal (custom finishes also available)
– Roto-Crank Adjusters or Hold-Open Stays
– Hiqh-quality bronze hardware
– Steel screens optional


Portella Windows